I am home from a fantastic theatresports presentation and many many many many many good beers at Tanya’s. The beers were more then needed after a ridiculously busy day that involved, me busting my ass to do things in order to prepare for people that in the end last min bail, and in doing so manage to Frak my shit up for the rest of the day, vender’s not delivering things to us before Christmas even though we managed to be on top of our game and had things in weeks before their Christmas Deadlines!, these said vender’s not telling us that there was a problem till this afterbloooddynooon allowing us exactly NO time to remedy the problem all of which leads to the last but not least of today’s BS!!!! An afternoon of calling random places in a mad frantic only to have them exclaim that it is the Friday before Christmas, so go away! we aren’t doing shit for you , Merry Fracken Christmas!!!! So Really what this rant really is? Yup Fodder for the book I would love to write!!! I would title it 136 reasons why Christmas can lick my left one, and 37 reasons why I would love to kick Christmas extremely hard in its proverbial ass. But what ever it is nothing that a ridiculous amount of liquor and a night out with friends couldn’t cure. (that is until i get ragged on for not inviting the right friends) What ever I am loaded and I need to be up at some ridiculous hour in order to deal with more stupid Christmas BS so i suppose I should sleep it off and go from there! SO no more mellow dramatic BS from me, Merry frakin xmas!

3 thoughts on “so I am home! oh and i am loaded! Oh and Christmas can suck a rope covered in pee :)

  1. That’s an awesome post! Merry xmas :o)

    Not sure when Naked Dave’s in town tonight, but I suspect it’s going to be late. Last ferry from Nanaimo arrives at 10:30, so he might be in late.

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