It has been a crazy busy last few months as the sporadic blogging would show but I am slowly getting to things and blogging them as I get time.  This comes from June when Amanda was visiting. We decided in all our infinite wisdom that the best way to spend a preposterously hot day on a preposterously hot weekend was to climb up to the top of a preposterously tall mountain via a preposterously steep trail.  So we found that hiking the Chief in Squamish had just the right amount of preposterousness so the plan was set.

Now because we don’t like ourselves and we are interested in making things really hard we felt that we should go to the frog the night before and get good and drunk! So up early we got and after scooping up A, D, & J and a horrible amount of Tim Horton’s grease, off to the great white north we drove.

Now the trail started like this.

and ended up being like this.

It was probably the most work/fun that I have had in quite a while! The triumph that I felt when I looked down and saw my truck as a tiny yellow speck was unbelievable.

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