Yuppers here I am home from a day of early season boarding up at Whistler, all I have to say is Awesome!! More than half the runs and lifts weren’t open and of the ones that were there were areas of no snow, but good times were still had.

The weather was mostly clear with some foggy patches and warm, like stupidly freakishly warm. We just drove up for the day, we got on the slopes at about 10ish which was a little late but considering that I am a fat bastard all summer we figured we would be a little tuckered by 3pm when the hill closed. M came for the ride as well although she hung out in the village while we hurtled ourselves down a mountain.

The backpack was the awesome I didn’t even notice that it was there all day. In fact I even forgot that I was carrying water and stuff till around 1 O’clock. Real cameras are a must the next time I go! All in all awesome day awesome weather, and an awesome time. I am so glad that I went.

Video from coaxial‘s iPhone

3 thoughts on “Home from a day of snowboarding!!

  1. sweet shot, i cant wait till we have enough snow here (Kitchener Ontario) So i can pull out my board and head to the hills…

    Now donate a can of eats, Jerk!

  2. His iPhone is jail broken so it allows you to use cyndia (a video recorder app) neat stuff

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