I am taking a break from painting. So when I went to sleep last night at like 5am (so really this morning) it wasn’t snowing. I was in fact a nice mostly clear night. I wake up this morning at 8:30 (thanks Darwin) and there is like 3 inches of snow out there. wtf I vow to spend every night this week at Keegans, I got so much stuff done last night not to mention the epic novel that was my last post. (sorry roo I know that you have works to do but I know that you would rather be reading all about me =) It is good times I think I am gong to go for a walk and escape the paint fumes.

1 thought on “snow?

  1. Hey Reilly,
    I have a friend who would like a studio photo taken. are you game? drop me a line and let me know. Thanks :)
    Oh yeah and Per and I still want to hang out i have been busy but i will call you!!

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