So it would be raining out and I walked to work in it. All I have to say is I love the rain. It is always so fresh and clean out when it is raining. The air smells so crisp and clear if that makes any sense. I love to walk in the rain and get soaking wet, and not be able to see out of my glasses and have my hair-dripping wet. It is good times indeed. I always feel 10 times better when I go for a walk in the rain, Most people have better days when it is sunny out But not me, no sir, I am always in a better mood when I am out in the rain. Maybe I am destined to live on the coast and wander about in the rain all the time :) I have to be carefull though for if i am not carfull I will get all Fred Astair and start dancing around like a fool. (Speaking of Fred Astair I saw that there a Fred Astair school of dance near my work Neat eh) One other thing that contributed to my fantastic mood today is Listening to the few songs that I have from a band called Camera Obscura. I had the pleasure of listening to this on my wet and wondrous walk to work. I know very little about this band but they truly kick ass from what I have heard of them anyway. As near as I can tell they are a Scottish band that has a few releases on The Madrid and Merge (Man I love Merge records they put out so much cool shit) record labels If I were to have a band they would sound much like this I am sure. I may get a cd sometime and give ‘em a good listen. I have decided that I will get a Vespa when we go to Vancouver. I have totally always wanted a Vespa and I will get one when we move to Van. They never made sense in Alberta because it is winter 13 months a year and they are probably not the best transport for 40 below weather. I will paint it crazy colours and cover it in crazy stickers and I will call it Crazy Alice. It will be a crazy 2 stroke that uses mixed gas and I will drive all over Vancouver taking crazy photos of all kind’s of crazy things. It will be Yup you guessed it CRAZY :) Why would you get a Vespa you ask? Well I can think of a number of good reasons. It is uber easy to park because I can park it is these tight spots that a car (no matter how small) just wont fit. Another reason is BC Ferries. To take a car from the mainland to lets say Victoria is like 35 dollars were as a Vespa would be 18 dollars Way cheaper! Not to mention that it is way cool to drive a Vespa. Vespas owners are almost as crazy as Volkswagen owners complete with vintage clubs and crazy parts stores that are all over the place. I should be at home. It has been decided :) I will own one. It is crazy busy her tonight because all that bad weather that Environment Canada said was going to happen when we were in Vancouver but failed to materialize has now finally hit with a vengeance. There is heavy winds and rain and storms etc in BC and well that reeks havoc so it is pretty busy tonight. That is all good I suppose it is a job but it is too busy to get into anything other then blogging and even then it is a pain to do that. Oh well what can you do when you are getting paid 15.74 an hour to blog :)