Seriously! I never had any but I was scared to death of the drawing that was in the comics ad.


It was a happy sea monkey family hanging out planning evil devilish sea monkey type crime things all the while being completely oblivious to the things outside of the bowl. The little insert of the whole human family creepily staring down at their world like scientists watching some rats in a maze. It was a little much.  That and I couldn’t get behind the whole order pets in the mail thing.  To me pets were always living, breathing, things that could fetch! It creeped me out the way an infestation of termites or wasps would. So this graffiti that I found the other day is equally as creepy to me.  It looks like some fat sea monkey that is mad with power/hunger  and is life size! He could eat any of us and still be hungery!!

Granville Graffiti

That all said My Friend Lisa is rockin out in my kitchen tonight! Super excited! It will be one of the last full band jams in my kitchen as D will have accsess to his new home/jam space soon!  So a whole new chapter in My Friend Lisa

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  1. Dear ????: I would love to help you get over your negatories re Sea-Monkeys. Can I send you a free Sea-Monkey Starter Set? If yes, just send me your address.

    Happy Days, George President Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

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