So tonight we had a party to say goodbye to two awesome friends who are moving to the land of ice and snow. IE Calgary.

I made a 8.5 frame per second video to show how much fun we were having and how loaded i really currently am :)

the fact that i can still video edit anything is at this time some what amazing.
Tanya & barry r leaving Us
so that is why the titles don’t line up and are plan white on black .

and they perhaps use different fonts.
Tanya & barry r leaving Us

Yup i r loaded

Tanya & barry r leaving Us

there is an etchasketch involved


and boobs

Tanya & barry r leaving Usand perhaps a penis & said boobs.

it was fun

Tanya & barry r leaving Us

you should watch it

4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye and good luck!

  1. Brilliant! What the video does not show is the “intervention” part of the evening where we all tried to convince Tanya to stay in Vancouver. :(

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