Oh Ya I went to see the Rural Alberta Advantage the other week. We have been so stupid crazy busy these past few weeks that I have totally forgotten to post about it. UN-FUCKING BELIEVABLE SHOW!!!  Despite drinking far to many Pilsner and getting into it with a random douche in the front and then a doubly douchey bouncer as they were playing ‘Goodnight’ It was the best show I have seen this year. (Followed very closely by the pixies this last week) I am so glad that i was able to make this work this time around. I have been scheduled for a shoot or something equally un-movable every time they have been here before. I would have killed to see them at the Biltmore last year but alas work tends to keep me in expensive guitars and fancy cameras. So yup that :)

So no the best photos but alas I was super stupid drunk :) so Ummmm that is an excuse yes? Fun any way!

My Favourite photo!!
Playing Good Night in the middle of the floor!