Ok so I know that I have kind of left you all hanging here in terms of the blog! It has been a crazy time and I have been avoiding computers and the like! I got home fine and what not. M, her broken leg, & I have been doing our best to go off on random adventures of the off road variety! So today we decided that we needed to go for a long drive & off we went. Our travels took us on this circle route.


It is such an awesome drive because you get to see so many different landscapes and all relatively close to each other. The Xterra was really awesome on fuel the entire way. We got around 10L/100km or around 28-30 mpg which is more then I though we would get. I do feel a little guilty about the purchase of a gas guzzling truck but being that I scoot everywhere in town and it gets great mileage on the highway i feel less guilty, that and the versa (that wasn’t anywhere near as good on fuel as advertised) wouldn’t survive 1/10th of the places that we have already taken it.

2 thoughts on “Road Trips

  1. That’s a great day trip. I try to do that one a few times a year on the bike. Hope M is getting better!

  2. Roadtrips rock! I just got back today from a 2,450km trip thru AB/BC (Banff, Jasper, Calgary were all on the list). Love the new ride, still can’t get over your parking spot.

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