Yup so I am up and at them getting ready for today’s wedding and such.It is a gloriously sunny day which is good and bad I suppose! That means it will be hot out but that hopefully also means that it won’t be monsooning out! (it does seem to do one or the other here)So on Monday we decided that we would rent scooters on Tuesday, all fine and good. We reserved them and everything, but when Tuesday rolls in it does so with soak you to the bone in 30 seconds type rain! As josh put it every whiny Vancouverite that complains about the rain we get should have to spend one afternoon in a Cuba style rain.They would never complain again :) This is the sorta rain that is not so conducive to scooting so we instead rented a car, well a jeep type thing. I say jeep type thing only because that is what they called it. It was a Suzuki Jimmy and it did have 4H and 4L but that is really where the similarities to a jeep stopped :) It was a brand new one as well and while it wasn’t an Xterra (which is a pretty high standard to live up to) it was required for some of the roads that we ended up taking!So we got the car and decided to drive somewhere cool like say Trinidad.So using nothing but the large overview maps that are in one of my Cuba books and the maps in the Cuban Yellow Pages, off we went!! The first part was easy as we simply followed along the road that we came in on the bus in back but when we got to the uncharted territory it got more interesting.After circling Santa Clara via the ring road twice we found our turning and off we went! It wasn’t the most direct route but it seemed the most entertaining one again all according to the phone book.We did fantastic at navigating to places the roads weren’t labeled or number on either the phone book maps or the roads, so we confirmed we were on track with the towns that we encountered along the way.Everything was fine until we got to Manicaragua. It would seem that it was there that we exited the town going the wrong way and ended up going the wrong way.Something that wasn’t confirmed until we hit the next town with a sign.I say with a sign because it wasn’t the first town that we came across it was 2 hours of ragged backroads later that we came across Santa Lucia a town with a name on it. It was then that we discovered that we were nowhere near Trinidad and instead near Cabaiguán It was all good really, Trinidad wasn’t really a set in stone destination more of a direction to drive towards.Getting lost gave us a glimpse of Cuba that we wouldn’t have gotten on a tour bus and that was exactly what we were looking for.Once we found our self on the map it was a simple drive back to Remedios and then back across the causeway till we got to the resort that we call home.The rental rep is going to be impressed with the sheer number of KM’s that we put on.

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