I am thinking about doing a Polaroid Week as part of the Past Photo Pandemic Project. How got started on this thread was I am listing a bunch of old film / music gear that I haven’t touched in at least 5 years for sale on the list of Craig. Mostly because when you can’t leave your house for months on end you inevitably start to clean and organize stuff. I opened a cupboard and found a plethora of my older Polaroid cameras. Everything from Land Cameras to Polaroid Backs for Film Camera’s that I don’t even have anymore to a handful of type 600 Polaroid cameras.

Which is to say that it got me thinking about the 2 decades of Polaroids I have been taking and long story even longer here we are. ? ? This is from a trip that Josh and I did to Banff in 2007 to see Matt Good play in concert. (I know we drove 12 hours to see a guy who lives here in Vancouver but it was for the adventure) ? ?

So There isn’t really a lesson here i don’t think, not that these past photos need a lesson, but yay Polaroid Week!