These are some select shots from my first attempt at shooting some home spooled rolls of redscale film.  Redscale, for those that are not in the know, is when you shoot your film with the wrong side out. So instead of shooting the emulation side toward the subject like normal, you flip it over and shoot through the film backing.  You need to shoot your film about 2 stops over (for example ISO 400 film then becomes ISO 100 or another example is ISO 100 film would need to be shot at ISO 25) to compensate for the light lost getting though this backing. You can read about it here.  I have made up a few more rolls to shoot in the coming weeks. In fact I am going to try some different types of film in order to find the best one to use.

These shots are from an old (possibly expired) roll of Kodak Gold 200, but I have made up a roll of Kodak Portra, as well as buying some crap Kodak & Fuji 400.  It is super easy to package up yourself, here are some instructions.  However Instead of ruining a roll to repackage it as they suggest I would suggest unraveling the roll in a dark bag/room, then flipping it over, and reattaching it. I personally use double sided tape but any type of scotch tape will do nicely.  doing it this way the DX coding on the film canister matches what you are shooting (although you have to manually set the ISO anyway, but at least your auto camera will know how many exposures you are supposed to have)

If you don’t have a dark bag aka: changing bag and you dabble in this film mod thing often I would recommend getting one.  They are super cheap and incredibly useful. Get a small one that you can carry with you if needed.

One other word of advice, if you are shooting with an auto advancing camera, I would also suggest stop and manually rewind your roll on the second last photo, so there is less of a chance of a jam when you do rewind the film.  As you would no doubt notice when you make the film it can require a bit of wiggling to get the film to start going back in to the canister and unless your camera probably isn’t going to be good at wiggling if you advance past your tape job.

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  1. Very interesting! I’ve never heard about this till now.

    Man, reading all your posts and seeing images from real film makes me want to start shooting film again.

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