This is a photo from my Friday afternoon walkabout with Koa & Doogie.

I finally got the chance to really test out my new Voigtlander Nokton 75mm lens. After that is popping on out to Richmond (which is the farthest I have been from home in over 80 days!) & meeting up with the awesome folks at JCL Group in a parking lot (hey it is COVID times) for a quick exchange of the one that I had ordered for a different fully working copy.

Sadly the copy I had ordered from their amazon store sadly wasn’t even remotely close to being coupled correctly for focusing with the Leica M-D. But Jack at JCL was super awesome and responsive and very much wanted to make what was ultimately a Voigtlander issue right! So cheers to them!

However, while I did do a quick test at different distances in said parking lot to make sure it was better then the last version, this replacement lens was other wise untested in the real world as it were :) 

On that note quick testing a lens in a parking lot with a camera that doesn’t have an LCD screen is a small adventure in and of itself :)

I have this great little pocket card reader that I can plug into pretty-much anything including my phone. So I was able to spot check the photos on location as it were :) This here is the joy of an analog yet totally digital camera I guess. I have no idea how many rolls of film I would have cooked in this process. :)

I digress. So this was the first walk about in the ‘real world’ (what does that even mean anymore) with the lens and I am pleased to say the least. I am noticing potential issues with photos nearing the infinity end but there are some many great in focus photos sort of all over the place so I am inclined to blame user error.

If it continue to see hit and miss I may take it, the 35, and My camera into the Camtex or something in the future and see if they can tweak it. but as of right now with one photo-walk which was shot by this jerks photo-walk standards, I have to say I am pretty pleased!

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