Now because the raven chair is a long one I figure I will go ahead and write a bit. I am at that point in the new year where I am apprehensively excited. Feb Is always a month of great stress for me, but also great optimism. I am another year older and it is another year that I feel that I have accomplished very little in terms of the things that I wanna do. I haven’t even begun work on the ‘big surprise’ in fact at this point I am not even sure when/if it will happen. I am inexplicably really busy doing nothing and it’s always the same at this time of year. I don’t get any work done, and don’t get any non-work done, I don’t snowboard (I know I know I am writing this on a chair lift) I don’t play guitar, and I don’t photowalk, and yet I am up till 4am up at at 7-8am and I am busy. What the hell am I doing?

Dude that run kicked my ass!! Note the powder under the chair is not actually powder today ): This not accomplishing things needs to stop. I am making a strong commitment to get off my ass and do stuff this month. I am sure thatif you were to check the jan-feb archive of previous years you would see that I have most likely made this statement before. But it is true dammit I am just an unproductive jerk.

In other news I am going to unveil the bands website and such in the next few weeks. I hope we (i really mean me) can rock though and get some halfway decent cuts at tomorrow nights jam. I can only hope and practice so the recordings are something where I am not playing wrong chords and forgetting changes.

Wow I have to it is amazing how they can transform a mountain into something entirely different. The whole west mountain of cypress is being transformed into a track for the world cup. It is a completely different mountain! It is kinda crazy.

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