So here I am at work writing another Haphazard, constantly interrupted, blog entry. It seams that I am so bloody busy lately that the blog is getting extremely neglected. And when I do pay attention to the bloody thing I end up sounding like a lobotomized chimp.
The Pixies! I am so stoked for the shows, I want to see them here and then see them in Van and man if I was rich I would follow them to utah and the places after that. You see mine and Darren’s biggest bitch ever has been that we have never been to The Pixies live. That sir is all going to change. This trip is going to be more fun then when the pigs ate Grandpa I am Super Stoked for the trip
I am uber excited about going on a trip this summer. While I had originally planned for us to go south to San Francisco along the coast, and then over to the Desert and death valley and up via Las Vegas. Miranda is all unsure of where she wants to go and she isn’t really interested in the trip that I have sorta planned. That is fair enough for it isn’t really that exciting for a relaxing trip, it is a lot of time in a car, but it is super cool when it comes to photos. There is so much on the road that could make it a rocking trip. But it isn’t very relaxing. It is a little tough to get into planning it and everything because for a little more money then we would be spending to go south we could go to Europe How ever Miranda isn’t really She only wants to go tot places like Tiland and Tibet and while these would truly rock I am afraid that plane tickets are more money then an entire trip down the coast. We will see how things work out.
I Still haven’t gotten the web site up I have been busy and sick and well really tired lately so It is suffering. Next week maybe. I mean I am still working on the photos from January, so we will see if I can get caught up before march :)
Thanks to all for the B-day wishes and no 27 doesn’t feel much different then 26 :)

Now that I have posted this entry it actually took place over three days at work of grossly interrupted thought. :)