3 thoughts on “Random Volkswagen

  1. You should get one that says “NIKON” in big goldenrod letters. They’re hella cool.

    (I hate mine)(Possibly due to the location of the strap lugs on the D40, though)

  2. LOL well I want a nondescript one as to not draw the attention while in Cuba and I seriously could not find one that didn’t say CANON and didn’t have quick release! Quick release?? who thought this was required on a camera strap seriously!!!?

  3. Hmm.

    Well, cut apart your strap, and a seat belt or something with a similar button-release, and throw the bits in a bag with some Barry White playing. After a few minutes of magic, you’ll have a quick release strap.

    Hm. Or maybe an old backpack with straps & whatnot that have cheap plastic buckles that need just a simple squeeze on both sides…and throw the pad from your strap in the washer with some fabric dye, that should make “CANON” invisible except when putting the old eyeball right up on it. Splice ’em together (sewing, good glue, and possibly some heat to fuse stuff together. Might not be all that pretty, but that should work. :)

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