photos, photos, and more photos

So I have been buys doing photos, photos and more photos in an effort to get caught up on the 1000’s of photos that I am behind. I have gotten a good start on them, yesterday and today I finished the Andrea shoot, the engagement photos and the better part of my full day drive in the country that I had a while ago . I have even started to look at the Vancouver pictures. I am so getting on top of my game and I owe it all to a new program that I got with my new camera. I am refereeing to Canons Digital Photo Professional. This a program that you can only get when you own a 1D, 1Ds or a 1D Mark II and it is amazing. It is the sole reason that I am finished the Andrea shoot so quickly. Good times but it doesn’t work with the Canon 10D’s version of Raw so I still have to do those files the old way. So enough chatter and on with the show

The Country Drive



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  1. Hey reilly!!
    Long time no looking at your site! looks like you have been hella busy! i am still in Sweden! I lost your email as my contacts list is all fuct up! Write to me at the spray address!! take care peace

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