Power is for wussies!

The sad pinging of depleted UPS’s and the distinct lack of all other computer humming must mean that the power is out right?  Yuppers it looks like G-town is with out electricity this morning! Well how the hell are you blogging then you ask,  well I will tell you! You see it seems that when the power is out and the jerks servers are off he has no ability to really work. (I require the simultaneous operation of at least three computers plus assorted networking equipment to work! I am sure that it doesnt need to be that way but you know i am a geek) so what does a jerk do!! Well he abandons his wife to entertain herself and goes somewhere that has both power and Internet!  (did I mention that I am a jerk?) I had no real/new photos on my MacBook to blog so I trudged along my trusty camera to take some new ones! There are from my search for internet and power!

The alley
Well in the time it took me to do/type all this it looks like the power is still out so i guess more wandering is in order! :)

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