As I have said before, I don’t appear to have quite enough hobbies in my life so I have taken up yet another one to fill up all those pesky free moments that I may have in-between sleeping & eating :) I have mentioned before I am sure about how awesome the building is that we live in, what with it’s 7000+ Square foot Amenities building and all. In this building is all manner of completely wicked awesome things ranging from Wood Working & Metal Working shops to three music rehearsal spaces. (you may have seen My Friend Lisa Jam there) There is also a full sized (by full sized I mean the biggest that I have ever worked in) Darkroom complete with colour 4×5 enlargers, digital neg scanners, and large format printers. There is as well as an awesome pottery studio with four wheels & three Kilns of varying sizes.  Which brings me to the new hobby that I have undertaken, Pottery!  I wouldn’t go so far to say that I know anything really about pottery and this bowl while I am proud of it was simply the only one out of 5 that survived :)

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