After getting my ‘morning‘* coffee I took a polaroid of this porsche! Now this Porsche for some unknown reason always seems to pull in to the coffee shop’s parking lot just as I am getting my coffee. This is probably not at all strange to you folk with morning routines and well I know of the idea behind Commuting Friends (people who ride the same bus at the same time everyday and thus become acquaintances/friends) and other things that people with morning routines have. So if I got my coffee at the same time every day I would understand but I am not a creature of habit! Daily routine is truly a foreign concept to me. I am always getting coffee at wildly different times on wildly different days and this Car is always pulling in just as I leave. ODD! Perhaps in the complexity of the universe there are two people that are so without routine  that their non-routine lives are on the same schedule, and these two folk like JJ. Bean coffee! :)


* my morning coffee is rarely in the morning

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