This is from Circa 2006 or 2007 as best as I can piece together. We did an afternoon in Delta / Westham Island area in which I drug about way way to many cameras that were older them i was! ? I think this was taken with either a Mamyia RB67 or Polaroid Land Camera but I am not sure. ?

It is Polaroid Week as part of the Past Photo Pandemic Proliferation Project. How got started on this Polaroid thread was I am listing a bunch of old film / music gear that I haven’t touched in at least 5 years for sale on the list of Craig. Mostly because when you can’t leave your house for months on end you inevitably start to clean and organize stuff. I opened a cupboard and found a plethora of my older Polaroid cameras.

Everything from Land Cameras to Polaroid Backs for Film Camera’s that I don’t even have anymore to a handful of type 600 Polaroid cameras. Mmmm…. 600 film…. I wonder what has happened with those crazy dutch folks that tried to restart Polaroid after it went bankrupt in 2008. What was it called. Oh Right the Impossible Project. ?

So as it turns out the biggest problem with the Impossible Project was, even though they bought all the equipment and the factory from Polaroid, they didn’t get the IP for the chemistry and processes. So while they were re-engineering instant film and figuring it all out, the first films off the line were a little… well… Bad. So for me, after a good college try, I will admit I gave up on them.?

This is from Circa 2006 or 2007 I think. This is the lustrous Darren the Tiger (with his pants on I might add) making pancakes in the kitchen of our old studio in Gastown. I can’t be sure but I imagine that we had been out late the night before and everyone crashed at our place, which happened a lot back then. It was that or it was an early morning recording session for My Friend Lisa. ?

But in 2018 Impossible bought the original Polaroid IP and the actual name ‘Polaroid’ and it seems that they have been churning out film and new / old cameras ever since. which got me thinking about the 2 decades of Polaroids I have been making a long story even longer here we are.

So There isn’t really a lesson here I don’t think, not that these past photos need a lesson, but yay Polaroid Week!