Well I am back from our epic road trip to Banff and Calgary! Josh and I left Thursday morning (only 45min late :p) and fired out towards Banff stopping along the way for photo glory. We both stocked up on film for our various Polaroid & film cameras, as well as I had my Canon nearby for the entire trip. (I do endeavour to get some of these photos on the blog before I am 50) The actual purpose of our road trip was to go and see Matthew Good play in Banff. (Not that Matt Good reads my blog but I would totally pay 5 bux for a improv show by the way!!) It was an awesome show filled with tonnes of witty banter! It was funny for the second time ever I decided that it would be best to leave my camera behind! I did for Regina Spektor and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I wasn’t overly concerned about jockeying for position or where the best photo would be, I just sat back and enjoyed it! The same held true here I had a good time with out any cameras! We crashed out at the Best Western in Banff and I swear we were the only ones in the hotel! I was like a bad horror movie really. They had lots of coffee two steps from our door so I drank coffee most of the night. :) After Banff we meandered off to Calgary for a few days to hang out with some of Josh’s friends including A from the Awesome Unit (long story) and Kim. Good time all around! There was some Calgary photo wandering which including this.

The Chess playing Dude in Calgary!

This is a photo I have been waiting to take for 4 or 5 years :) It has fond memories from my days in Calgary! Mostly involving some beer and some late night shenanigans but fond none the less!
Polaroid SX70
Film: Polaroid 779
Date Taken: November.10..2007


Camera: Polaroid SX70
Film: Polaroid 779
Date Taken: November.8..2007

This is a shot of this random lake on the Transcanada. I liked it and I like it even more in Polaroid form! I must get back to work but there will be more to come!

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