So I have come up with what can only be considered to be a brilliant Idea for a photo project! I am thinking about doing a whole series of photos with captions double exposed onto the film. These are some of my tests that I fired up tonight with a the Mamiya RB67 & a Polaroid back. I took a photo and then double exposed the photo with another photo of the quote or caption. I used white writing on an otherwise black monitor for the captions.

This first photo is technically triple exposed because the photo of the bridge was from when I was there earlier this winter. (I often leave my self a photo to double expose later but this one I forgot about so there is a hint of an exposure of a cello in this one as well which explains the caption) but I was super happy with this result.

While this is a super cheesey quote I found it a bit fitting for the photo. This is one of our good packs of Polaroid Chocolate film!

I am thinking about shooting a random roll of quotes for our film workshop this weekend and the double exposing the roll on the photowalk. In-fact this would be a great thing to do with some online photo friends! Who want to trade a roll or two of random words to shoot with out know what is on the roll or what it may say?

3 thoughts on “Polaroid Messages

  1. Fantastic idea, and well-executed. I’ve got to try more of this “playing around” type of stuff with my RB… so far I’ve been taking it much too seriously.

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