I have talked about the Impossible Project and the rebirth of Polaroid type 600 Many times before. Starting in 2008 with the PolaPremium craze followed by the Impossible Project in 2008 and then sporadically here and there over the last decade. I Have always loved Type 600 film and while I was quite discouraged with the Impossible Projects first foray into 600 film packs as they weren’t particularly reliable in actually making a photo (that and they made a film pack 8 Pictures instead of 10) I supported them (and Beau photo here in town) by buying way to many packs, So many I still have some here :)

the Handful of film pack that still have kicking here (that is just for the 600’s and the SX-70 I have a bunch of pack film too)

The issue in the past was while the Impossible Project managed to buy all the factory equipment and film production factories in the Netherlands. They didn’t have the Formulas and IP that actually made Polaroid Film. Couple that with the fact that some of the chemistry needed was banned and carcinogenic it was an uphill battle for the Project.

I will admit I stopped following along as I started doing more indie film and the like, but i was looking at my type 600 on it’s dedicated shelf the other day and thought i wonder what is up these days :) the answer it would seem is a Lot.

In 2017 The Impossible Project bought all of Polaroids original IP and the actual Brand Name. they relaunched as Polaroid Originals complete with reworked Type 600, SX70, and 8X10 Film.

As well as a new Polaroid Now camera that uses a new Battery-less film pack (to make it cheaper and better for the environment) and even Smartphone Polaroid Printers.

I haven’t tried the new film yet but I am pulling out my Credit card Right now! So watch for more Polaroid Goodness coming soon!

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