Phone booths for those not in the know are an archaic device in which one could contact people. Presumably when their cell phone was missing :) There are very few phone booths left in the world and this one is stuck out in the dark at Stanley Park.

This first photo the only light is coming from the actual phone booth it’s self. Kinda neat!

With this photo, there happened to be the headlights of a passing car providing back light when the photo was snapped.
Also kinda neat!

5 thoughts on “Playing with Phone Booths

  1. erm… I don’t remember writing that first comment… did I write that first comment? so confusing!

    love the photos, though. and yeah, photo 1 is neat.


  2. ya it was a different shan for the first posting! :) Unless you have a random gmail addy that we don’t know!! Perhaps it was a slip and now we all know the other secret Shan that you have been hiding behind gmail! :)

  3. Those are really creepy shots! I don’t know why I find phone booths so scary, but you make it seem extra so!

    P.S. I still gotta edit that footage together from Big White. *sigh* I’m on a major backlog…

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