I recently bought a shiny new Wide Pinhole Holga from the ever lovely Nicole over at Beau Photo. It’s basically a Holga with a pinhole lens that takes either 6x9cm or 6x12cm photos. It’s awesome!

The photo below was taken with this camera. It’s acutally the first roll i have run though the camera! It is about 15 or so separate exposures all shot overlapping and double exposed all on this one roll of film. There is no photoshop trickery here just multiple overlapping pinhole exposures!

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3 thoughts on “Pinhole Holga

  1. Thanks. When it comes to overlapping with the holga I will often just set it for 16 shots with the 12 shot mask in. that way you can stay consistent from shot to shot while constantly over lapping the frames. I do consider where bright well exposed objects are with double exposures and try and place the next shots subject into the dark areas of the frame.

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