I am rockin’ out at a wedding today so I will be brief with the words.
Last week I was a passenger in my own truck (and no i wasn’t drunk) so I took the opportunity to commit a few driveby’s!  :) I hung out the passenger side window and snapped photos of unsuspecting folk as they went about their usual sidewalk type stuff.
Mostly at stop lights & when we were going slowly along in traffic. It was a great way to snap a moment with out the moment being ruined because I am whipping out of my ridiculously big SLR camera, which can happen a lot while phototoging away on the street.

This one above is my favourite. I Love that he is so close to me and the camera. I purposely chose to keep the 50mm on because I didn’t want that telephoto look. I wanted it to look real and 1:1 which is hard to do being that you need to be so close.


This last one I am not really a huge fan of but I included it because the speech bubble is priceless :)