As promised some photos first we have what they call the Niagara of the north Kakabeka Falls Just north of Sault Ste. Marie

Neat Falls with a story or two behind them. One is about the Chief of the Ojibwa Peoples, youngest daughter, named Greenmantle that was kidnapped by enemy warriors of the Sioux and forced to lead the enemy warriors to launch a surprise attach on the Ojibwa people. Greenmantle pretended to betray her people and lead them by canoe down the river. Skillfully she lead the string of canoes though the rapids before the falls and at the very last second she dove from her canoe and swam to shore. The Sioux warriors were taken by surprise at her escape that they were busy trying to figure out to catch her when the fall took them by even more of a surprise.

Next are photos from a Water fall at the Aguasabou River gorge I haven’t got a story behind them but they are pretty.

Anyway we are getting ready to leave our Camp site and fire off to Ottawa