Photos From Juno Fest

So I have finished the Photos from Juno Fest and they have been fired off to Eli and indecline Photo Gallery
I have also are you ready for it enrolled in an introductory photography class, I am going to learn how to operate my camera and what not. I am not kidding. You see the last year of college particularly the last semester and I need to bring my gpa up to get back in to the program and I can do so with just a few classes that I can get an A+ in I can bring my GPA up and go back to school :) Not to mention that I will have a whole lotta access to a darkroom that I can experiment with to my hearts content. Very excited about it actually. I will be going every Thursday for the evening to Grant Mac City centre in the Evening and Learning about cameras and other things I think that this wont be a waste of time on my part because the darkroom is a great deal of the course something that I know less about being a digital guy. I mean I did work in a pro lab doing E6 and I have been developing my own black and white film for over a year but the actual making a print with an enlarger and what not is something that I haven’t done much of.

I am so stoked about going to Vancouver, I have it all worked out with work and as does Miranda and We are getting ready to fire of to the wondrous and rainy coast. I am hooking up with models while we are there and trying to plan that all out. In fact I have started Starting to plan our Vancouver trip. Friday night after our respective jobs we are going to hop in to our preloaded car… opps I forgot the sarcasm tags We are going to get into our preloaded car because we are so good at planning that everything will be in order and loaded in/on the car and we are going to fire off towards Van and get as far as we can before it gets to late and we are to tired to drive anymore. So with lots of coffee and a lot of Pixies I should be able to go a long way :). It will be like the old days when I would drive incredible distances, living on nothing but coffee and cigarettes and Listening to the Pixies. I had two tapes that I had gotten in a round about way from Darren that had one album per-side. I had four albums more or less that would get played in a steady rotation while I drove from place to place. That was it I mean I may have had a Violent Femmes tape and maybe some Pouges. But they never got put in to the car stereo not that I can remember. It was the radio or the Pixies and well anyone that has driven around Alberta or BC much(especially the northern parts of both) knows that the Pixies were played a great deal. In fact the first road trip that I every drove was when John. Mike and I went to High River for some music fest, we took my car and well it being my car means my music, John recently divulged to me that the trip had actually tainted the pixies for him forever. :) We are actually going to buy some sort of MP3 Cd player for the trip whether that be a disk-man that plays Cd’s or a new deck we will have the ability to have unlimited music at our fingertips. So I am going to make a disk of Frank Blank and the Catholics, The breeders, The Amps, and of course the Pixies. However some of these are difficult to find in there complete form. So if anyone wanted to help out with this endeavor Cough, cough Darren cough cough you could fire me an email or a comment and I can give you FTP access to my server and I can let you know what I am missing. Cough, cough Darren Cough cough, Saturday is more driving because I am sure that I am out of practice for long road trips. If all goes well we should be in Van in the afternoon.
Sunday we are going to see the Dalia Lama, we have tickets and everything I think that we are high up and a long ways away but we will see. Sunday night we are firing off to the Island to visit mike and Julie. I hope to hit Botany Bay and other places that are a ways down from Victoria. We will hang on the island till Thursday morning and catch the ferry back to the mainland for THE PIXIES did I mention that we are going to van to see THE PIXIES and that THE PIXIES are doing a tour and that I am actually going to see THE PIXIES live!!! Then that weekend we are going to hang in van till we have to leave. I am still filling in the blanks as it were.
But I am work and I will be getting ready tp head home so I will end this here

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  1. So whattya need? And what’s your ftp? I’ll have to fiddle with this goddamn bsd firewall to get the ftp happening. I recall it was a challenge before.

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