Photo Shoot With Jennifer

. So today I had another photo shoot with Jennifer. She came over this afternoon and we did a combo of some Studio work and out and about stuff. We ended up at the 105 street parks with its waterfall and fountains. That is such a rocking place to take photos. It is slightly sheltered from bright sun, it has great setting, and loads of moving water. What more could one ask for :) I grabbed four rolls of FP4+ (That’s Black & White Kristeen) one in studio and three out and about, as well as I finished off a roll of Black’s slide film that was in the camera. We will see what we get out of it :)

. After that I grabbed Miranda and we went to meet Krysten from Indecline on Whyte. I felt really bad because we were a little late and had to run soon after we got there but she seemed really nice and has an interest in photography as well. She is finishing school so she wont be able to come out till the beginning of next month, which is sorta good because I am starting to get really behind on things so It will give me a chance to get caught up :)

. So we ran out of there and went to pick up two rolls of slide film from the Shauna shoot a while ago, and drop off the roll from today. There is some good stuff here I think but I will have to take a good look after I have scanned them in. From there we went to coffee with Kristeen @ Keegans. W00t. So what else, oh I bought some new developer for I am nearly out of the ILFOSOL S I grabbed another bottle of the ILFOTEC DD-X for I was really pleased with its results. I also grabbed a bottle of wetting agent so hopefully I can loose some of the squeegee lines on the negatives. I am to mix this stuff 200 to 1 that is crazy I am not even sure how to mix that in single tank servings :) I will most likely mix a larger batch.

. Scotty and Gina would also like some digital pics done for fathers day as well so this Sat Eve we will go and grab some of them. :) I had planned to meet again with Jennifer on Sunday because mike could come out but we forgot that it was father’s day so hopefully we can move it to early Sat and take it from there. Other then all that there isn’t much else I am really tired tonight for some reason so I think I will go to sleep now :)