Just got back from watching V is for Vendetta at the Paramount with D. Good movie, however, a little bit hokey in the whole super hero/DC comics vain. All in all it was a great commentary on the current social climate. It sorta gave us an idea where the unchecked & systematic deterioration of civil liberties by certain right wing and religious leaders so we can feel more secure while they go of and fight their holy wars may lead us. I mean Jello Biafra (Who is coming to town I hear) has been blithering about this sort of thing since Regan was in power, but I always thought he was kinda over reacting a little, read a little to much into Orwell that sorta thing. It is interesting to take the past words of people like Jello, & Rollins, and I hate to say it, Chomsky, (I sorta have this thing against Chomsky, I agree with almost everything that he says and I think it is great that he is doing the research and following the world with the way that he has. What I hate is that he is the only person that ever gets quoted for anything that has any thing to do with dissent. I find that most people are like me and they don’t wanna think for themselves they wanna be spoon fed something that will allow then to feel like they are doing something and I kinda feel that Noam is the guy that everyone looks to for the airplane full of pabulum. I think it is great that the ideas get out into the hands of peoples I just wish other great thinkers of our time would be quoted like Chomsky does. If you place all your philosophy on the foundation of one man you become easily dismissible. That and he uses 40 words to say 4) and look to what they said was happening and see now how it actually did. Great thoughts from the punk rock world! But what do I know I am as ignorant of the world around me as the next person. I am not even sure who the Secretary of Defense is in the USA nor do I actually know what Dick’s title is (Maybe he is the Secretary of Defense?) or what he does when he isn’t shooting people I mean quail.
All said it was a good movie!