So I have a few things to say that for a bunch of people is going to seem out of context. For those not in the know it is a letter of support for free minded individuals that should and do feel something for something. In my opinion I feel that it is Roo’s blog and while I may not agree with some opinions or statements that are put forth within other peoples online journals it is neither my right nor my place to say what one should and should not blog about. There isn’t anyone that has the right to tell anyone else what or what not they should or should not be passionate about. Roo Good on you.

I put great thought in to choosing the word Passionate, meaning “to be capable of, having or expressing strong emotions”. But what does this mean, you ask? To be passionate about something is a spectrum of possibilities. It is to be found anywhere in-between having a uncomplicated belief that you are unwavering in, to being entirely consumed by every solitary detail that exists within all fragments of everything that has anything to do with what you are passionate about. It is to be utterly and entirely consumed by it until you can almost can not think of anything else, all the while berating you’re self for not being passionate enough. It is the idea that you have about food not touching on your plate, to not being able to operate as a typical member of society because your brain is preoccupied with desires to create. It is piecing together a number of simple noises to make one feel in a why that was previously unknown to them, It is the simple doodle one the edge of a teenagers math notebook that tells of another desire, my kitten and his constant yearning to “get the bugs” that exist on the outside of our window. This passion is everywhere about us it is something that we can not see touch, or hear. Yet it is something that we all can feel and experience. To exist is to be passionate if only in the smallest degree

Why should we be passionate? Simply put, with out passion there is no action. With out action there is no change. With out change there is stagnation. Stagnation is undesirable. It is only though the passions of people that things get done, that change comes about, that actions are carried out. If Marx wasn’t passionate about his thoughts would he have left his famliy every morning at dawn to go to the British national library to write until they basically kicked him out at night? If Julia Butterfly wasn’t passionate about saving a single tree in Northern California would she have lived in it 200 feet in the air for 2 years? Would I be able to shed tears of joy while listening to music if there was no one passionate about making it. Would we see the heart and soul of artists displayed on their canvases for all to see if they weren’t passionate? Some degree of the outcome of this action may be advantageous and others may produce results that are undesirable but the road is long and your decisions are half chance, just as are everybody else’s. (Baz Luhrmann – Everbodys free) Contained with in this is our capacity to learn. It is in the action of our passions that we learn from the out comes. Albeit they are some times good and other times bad, but it is with in this that we learn irregardless. Things that you feel passionate about, no matter how trite or insignificant others may think that they are, are worthy of your energies. You need to learn as everyone else has and this comes from living with in your passions.

I am passionate about fun, or our personal enjoyment, and that fun is contained with in the details of our world. It is the listening to a song and feeling moved, it is watching a film and crying, it is meeting, talking, and laughing with others over a cup of coffee. Call me a hedonist all you like but I think that if there is any one purpose for our existence it is to enjoy what we have. Every day when I drop my darling Miranda of at work the last thing that is said when she exits the car is ‘have fun’ and I truly mean that in everyway. It is hard to remember that we are supposed to be having fun on this rock as it flies thought the ethos spinning to eternity, because we are only on it for a time and then we are gone. I have come close to forgetting this myself and I am only now in the process of remembering, but it is the days that creep by the quickest, and in the end when you have, long retired from your job, the kids are in collage, or married with children of their own, it is then that you will look back and ask your self did I have fun. And gods dam, the answer better be yes. The secret to life is contained within your passions. The very nature of passion is that you can not misplace it. One can not be passionate about the things that they truly don’t care about. While I may misplace my energies, or my love, my desires, and ultimantly my person, I can not misplace my passions. It is in this that we can find our true road to happiness because it is the one thing that will never lie to us. At the end of my life I might have nothing but if I was true to my self and what I feel it was all worth it.

Now to bring us back to the point of it all. This is something that we need more of in our world with a lot more people being passionate about anything we as a society would better off :) Whether you are an artist, musician, or a parking attendant if you feel truly passionate about what you are doing then you can go no where but up. If you feel passionate about anything, which is more then some apathetic people, go to it. I mean if a bunch of people didn’t get on a leaky boat in 1970 and sail it out into the middle of a bloody nuclear testing zone, or to Iceland to try and stop vicious wailers we wouldn’t be able have the social change that came with it. If you feel passionate about something don’t listen to people tell you that you are being facetious or silly for it. Be passionate! It is people that are passionate about the little things that actually bring about all that change that all those crazy folk singers sing about. It is through discourse like this that we can form and shape our ideas and if this is not of your liking you are invited to voice an opinion but to say that Roo is foolish for being passionate isn’t putting forth any sort of argument, it is simply attacking her passions. I am sure that one can find many a forum about the Iraq war and/or the declining educational system that are overflowing with titillating discussions from passionate people, and while it is not to say that these things are not worthy of our social conscience, one has to pick their battles. & I am one that will always cheer for the underdog. Good On you, You go girl!!

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  1. Reilly … I agree and think that most of us would agree with everything you have said regarding passion. There is no-one in my life who does not follow their passions which is why they are in my life. No one (and I am talking about Duke here) was implying that one shouldn’t be passionate regarding this or any topic. Rather (and Roo recognized this, smart cookie that she is) he was passionate about the pain I was feeling and was attempting to protect me which I personally think is awfully sweet and wonderful and as Roo put it he was being a “protective bear”. Things are not always as clear as they seem when emotions are involved. Funny actually, as a friend of mind assumed from the discussion that Duke was unhooded which funnily enough is not the case at all ;-)

    All that aside – I liked what you had to say about passion…I have learned through my passionate pursuits, however, that compassion is just as important. Lucky for me that all you passionate people are just as compassionate and my expression of pain and the resulting e-mails and comments have shown that to be true … this is a good thing and I think the world is a better place having people like you, Miranda, Roo, Asylus and Duke in it not to mention all the others who shall remain nameless.

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