Today was a crazy crazy busy day! I think our home should just officially apply for a liqueur license and we should become some sort of awesome networking/party/gallery type venue. With the brief exception of Chris M I was officially the only guy in a room full of 45-50 woman. I know right :) Tonight was the first #vansassybiz gathering that my darling wife set up, complete with wine, tea, & oh so much food. Watch the BOP blog for a post awesome post.

This time management thing is working out well for me. The simple act of paying attention to what i am doing every second is kept me from dicking about on the internet or reading magazines when I am supposed to be working :) I have accomplished more on my list of things to do in the last 30ish hours then most of last week.

Ok enough talking about stuff, on with the photos. Ok these three photos were taken in the middle of the night during last weekends walk back from Cambie and Broadway.



All were shot handheld with the canon 5d mark II and the 50mm f/1.2 using in camera Black & White contrasty profiles. I heart night photos.

That is all