First a song! Listen to this song while reading!!!

Well I was going to post this as a comment on Dar’s blog but as you can see it sorta got outta hand and I felt that the best thing is to post it here. Well in response to Dar’s post parking meter maid nazi I to have a story about how I was accosted by Gestapo while waiting to pick up Scotty and Miranda from work. He comes up and says that I will have to move, no problem, i mean there are rules for a reason, I can move my car, I shouldnt be driving so much anyway. I do hate circling the block around and around like a drunken vulture, but if the man asks, I will do it for the better of socity. I mean he is only doing his job right? At least that is what I thought until today. So the parking gestapo says “you will have to move your car.”I say ok and before I do I look to if there is any sign of the dynamic duo, and sure enough there is Scotty and Miranda walking towards the car. So I say in my best polite voice about how I am sorry but the people that I am waiting for are right there. To which he replies “if you don’t move your car it will cost you 45 dollars! How is that for Attitude” I though that it was a well expressed bout of attitude how ever I was failing to see the relevance to our particular conversation and situation. How is what for attitude? What the Fuck is that? I was nice to him; I was not in any way giving him any thing that could be remotely construed as Attitude. So I resist the urge to do something very bad to this man and say “I am sorry sir but they are right there. (Scotty and Miranda were about 10 feet from the car) to which he replies “well they are going to cost you 45 dollars you know! and he walks to the back of the car. Now I think that he didn’t really think that they were right there, I think that he thought I was full of shit or something cause as Scotty and Miranda damn near trip over him to get into the car he backed off and stood looking silly. I mean I am trying really hard to relax and take it easy when it comes to other people, I have been resisting the urges to grab people by the back of the head and smash there face repeatedly into the largest and hardest objects that are readily available, but its really hard some times. I am reminded of a particular spoken word piece that really expresses my feelings to a tee. This one is for you Dar :)
It is called A Little Restraint.


  1. That spoken word is awesome man! It’s going to find a home on my desktop at work, and I forsee it being played often.

    Ever heard of a band called The Kills? They’re this guy and a chainsmoking girl and they have this really cool song called “Fried My Little Brains” I think you might dig.

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