Well Well I have Actually written like three posts that never made it up on the site over the last few days. On was sitting as a draft in Movable type, the other others are in random word documents that are sitting on various computers between work and home. I keep meaning to go though them and fix that horrible grammar that comes from being interrupted every two min and actually post them. But in re-reading them I see that they are totally made irrelevant by the proceedings that occurred after them. So they will not be posted but the relevant info will be paraphrased. Let said paraphrasing begin! :)

Miranda and I bought a Bug 1969 but you all know that I am sure. I have been taking some photos of it over the past few days.

I have begun plans for a Carputer. I am thinking that I will start with a simple PII 500 with whatever ram I can dig out from around here and a really cool power supply that I have found online. This is a DC-to-DC Converting 12V Power supply that will convert the incoming power from the alternator or the battery to a steady smooth 12, 5 and 3.3 Volts so a computer can use it. It is an ATX power supply complete with all the features and power management features that come with that. The Best part about it all is that the Power supplies input voltages can fluctuate to as low as 8volt and as high as 18volts while still providing a steady clear 12, 5, & 3.3 to the computer its self. That means that the car can be started and the lights turned on and all these things that draw power can be operated in the car and the Computer shouldn’t reboot or suffer from fluctuating power problems. This is all fine and what not but the down point (cause there always is one) is that this wondrous piece of hard ware is running about $120 US. (So about 150ish CDN) But that is the first part of the battle for carputer superiority, Next thing I will tackle after that is the Interface. But that is for another day.

We didn’t get pixies tickets to the van show via Ticket Master as planned, it was insane they sold out in a few minuets and Edmonton sold out in under 8 Min. We have how ever bought some tickets for the Thursday show In Vancouver from Ebay.
We are going to sell our Edmonton Ones on Ebay or via See & Vue. I don’t know what we are going to ask for them but that is the plan.

I have four days off coming up in the next few days, and It is the end of this 7 to 10 in a row Bs that I have been getting for I have discovered the joy of Booking Non-availability. (Guaranteed days off that I want) I am going to try and get caught up on photos over the next few days. I have about 3 or 4 photo shoots that I am tiring like hell to get worked though but I am not having any luck. Just been busy and working a bunch. I am going for coffee with Danelia tomorrow which will be fun for I haven’t had the chance to do that is far to long. So ya

Oh ya I have big news But it isn’t official yet so I will reframe fro saying It But just cause I am an ass I will get you all to start wondering now.

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