Well this weekend was basically

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Well this weekend was basically un eventful :) Miranda and I sat around home for most of it, but we got some relaxing in so that was all cool. So Saturday I sat down and I thought about something that has been on my mind for a while now. I thought about changing Um Ya Media Pro’s name. You see nobody really gets it. In fact I have yet to hear anybody actually say it right the first time. They either don’t try or they say it as one big word. So here I am starting to run advertisements and such when people cant even pronounce the company name. It isn’t going to bode well when it comes to getting clients. Also the name was devised for the video projects that I do. Um Ya is what I would like you to say when you leave the movie but not exactly what I would like to hear from somebody visiting my webpage. It all just didn’t fit together. So I needed a new name. SO Miranda and I sat down and brainstormed for a few hours and then I slept on it and well we came up with Concept – New Media SO this is the new webpage and print media company that I will work under. Wow so there is that. Roy came in to town yesterday for coffee so we called up Mr. John Hawk and we all got together at the Smitty’s at Whitemud Crossing. He is doing cool and such he has a 6 month old kid and he is starting a new job today. Other then that I haven’t done much. I have been cleaning the house and reloading the laptop today. Later I am going to run down to my school cause the library has some books in for me. Later for now.

SO I have been avidly

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SO I have been avidly working away at the new site that I have. And right now I am fighting with the Fragileworks server cause It randomly decides that it doesmt like front page extentions anymore. :( Oh well
So I have finally gotten around to doing the bad ass Fragileworks site
www.fragileworks.com So that is cool I am frantically trying to get the sites all ready to go becuase I have an ad coming out in See mag tommorow and I would like there to be a site there :) I am also doing some free volenteer work here and there doing Web sites. Tommorow I am off to talk to a guy at HIV Edmonton to discuss work on their site. Of the server extentions are finished reinstalling talk later

So here is the Wednesday

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So here is the Wednesday after the Wednesday before we got home from our Vacation :) And I am just writing now. I have decided to do the Web page gig again. And See how that works. I have gotten all registered in school and everything Finally It will be a brutal year where the only thing that is different Each semester is my Pych 104 and EAS :) Should be a challenge.

first full day on our vacation

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Friday, June 21, 2002

So today is the first full day on our vacation. It started about 4:30ish Alberta time with a lovely serenade of trucks, cars, and trains at the awfulness that is the crappy campsite that we had the complete displeasure of finding at 11 O’clock last night. So that is all good I can live with that. On the plus side the office was neither open when we arrived nor when we left so it was a free evening of hell at least :) So we were making good time and we made it to Kolona by 9:00 but we had a slight issue with the brakes that we had to have it repaired so that sort of set us back to hours but we ended up with a walking tour of the Semi industrial area of Kalowna so it was a whack if cheap entertainment indeed. So with the car repaired and such we went back on our way to Van. We pulled in at around Four in the afternoon which is still great time, and came to D&T’s. SO after a bit of time talking with Teresa and Dana we decided that the 30ish + heat was a little much and we went for a cool drink down the road. Darren came in around 6ish and after a great dinner at the crazy Russian cuisine place we went for a walk at Spanish Banks, a beach that was filled with crazy beach type people all doing their own thing here and there. I happened to maybe possiblely start talking about Capitalism and Communism and the down fall of our society Via the media though. : ) I really have to relax when I have a new audience LOL
Any who its 11:30 BC Time and I am beat so off to bed with me. Tomorrow it is Bike ride at Stanley park among other things.

Sunday, June 23, 2002
So here we are in the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal and we are getting ready to board the ferry. It was so cool we just drove up and bought our ticket and drove up no line ups or anything it was so cool. So we should be boarding soon any way. So yesterday was a cool day. We started the day by going to “Bert’s” for breakfast and coffee, followed by loading Teresa’s bike up on our car with our bike and going to Stanley park. Man that is a pretty decent place. There is all kind of trails and the sea wall was a great bike trip. I ended up getting lost and biking like 20 some KM so It was fun none the less. We went back to D&T’s and hung about there for a while. Bought a pizza and Cheese cake. We even tried to catch a movie at 8 but it was sold out. So we went to this cool place for coffee and talked about the old days for a while and went back to the apartment. So anyway Dana had this fit about the fact that no one was waiting for her in the apartment to let her in and that there was all these people around because Apparently the entire world is supposed to revolve around her and as far as I could tell It didn’t :).
So we are in the ferry now getting close to the Island and we are in our car waiting to get off. So it should be good times indeed. We will hook up with the M&J and such

Wednesday , June 26, 2002
So here I am in this really cool Bed and Breakfast in Tofeno. It is quite cool indeed complete with hot tub and such. So to give a run down of what’s been happening over the last couple days. So Sunday after noon we got in to Victoria and hooked our self’s up with a campsite out at the Gold Stream Provincial Campsite. It is a great campsite that is always quiet and not to hard on the pocket book. After we had set up camp we ran back in to Victoria and hooked up with M&J. We sat around there house for a while and shot the shit about what’s new and such till it got a bit late and we fired back to our campsite to retire for the Evening.

Monday, June 24, 2002
Monday was a day that was almost completely devoted to Geo Caching and a couple of repairs to our car :) we found about four Geo Caches all through out Victoria and Area, and finally fixed that nasty ass cooling fan in our car. The Thing with Geo Caches is that the they are a great way to see an area that you are completely unfamiliar with. You get to see a park or a wilderness area that some one else thought was cool enough that they wanted to let others know about it by setting up a geo Cache there. So there are many pictures of our Caching trips about Victoria.

Tuesday, June 24, 2002
On Tuesday we got up and packed up our site at Gold Stream early in the morning and we fired of into Victoria for a 10Am Whale Watching exertion. We Arrived a little behind schedule and found parking in the inner harbor and then found the correct change for this newly found parking, signed our life away in the Whale Watching place and We donned the bright red Life Suits. After a moment or two we were in a Zodiac and we were under way. We went around the harbor and in to the Juan defuca straight I think (Although I Could be wrong) and saw a pod of Orcas swimming away as well as a whole crowd of dolphins. It was a good time all in all. So we came inland about 11ish just in time to have a very much needed lunch at the Swordfish Restaurant. I really cant say enough about this place. It is a small floating Caf? type place that is on the water in the inner harbor in Victoria. It is a place that Miranda and I joined Mike and Julie that last time we were in Victoria. So with lunch taken care of we went to a cyber caf?. Miranda Did work type stuff for a while and we grabbed some more Geo Caches basically did everything that we could while online. Late that afternoon we found some beach to sit at and enjoy the ocean for a while. We phoned up Joy and Matt to see what was up there. The Night Of Drinking that ensues is of the caliber of the old days in Calgary. We ended up going to a beach near Joy and Matt’s place where Dave Tricky (Naked Dave) Lived up to his title. He did so by Striping naked in a flash and then stumbling around drunk for a while in the buff. All the while we were hoping and hollering about what have you. We totally thought that the police were on there way. We finally decided that maybe we would fire on back to Matt and Joys house, a trip that Dave did naked, and mellow out to sleep and such.

Wednesday, June 25, 2002
The next morning we went to this cool place in downtown Victoria called The Dutch Bakery for breakfast. Once we had completed the eating gig we said our good byes to the Waller’s, Dave, & Darren and we left on our way for Tofino stopping in Nanimo for a Geo Cache on the way. We got to Tofino just in time for it to start pouring rain :) so with a bit of searching and a few phone calls we found this quaint little bed and breakfast Place called “Jensen’s Bay B&B” and well after a fine meal at a restaurant in Tofino we checked in and had a great evening. Miranda hung out in the hot tub for a while, while I wrote this down.

Thursday, June 27, 2002
We it is Thursday morning and Miranda and I are in the B&B having Breakfast, and man what a break fast that is. The serve this really cool continental style breakfast with smoked salmon and fruit galore. That is not to mention the abundance of yogurt and coffee as well. So Today we are going to check out some things about in the area and maybe find either a campsite or another hotel room for this evening We will see how that goes.

Well We leave for Van

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Well We leave for Van tomorrow
I am so stoked really I am. I took the last two days of work off so I could get ready to go cause man I do have a lot of stuff to do let me tell you. Cause our house/car/etc needs to be clean before we go and then we need to pack it all up and stuff and all that jazz. Everything should be cool though. Miranda worked on my dreads last night for a whole long time and look great. cause they where getting kind of bad. She says we should work on them on our trip
K I am going to take Miranda to work.
MMMMmmmm…. 7-eleven makes the best truck stop coffee I swear. Well Cleaning time.
Time for todays Song of the Day and it is
Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderfull World
Stream ItOr Download It

So I am back We

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So I am back
We also bought a Data Cable for Our GPS and man is it cool. I can upload and download waypoints to store them on the computer and such and with the right software I could map and stuff on my laptop :) Good times indeed so we are going to go Geo Caching while we are gone it will be fun

Well We decided yesterday that

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Well We decided yesterday that we are going to go to Vancouver for our 11 days holiday and Man I am stoked about it only three days away we fire off to Van and the island. We decided that we are going to skip NCF this year cause we really weren’t all that exited about it and I wasn’t really into dealing with stereos and drunk northerners. Plus it is a little expensive I think that we are at the point that we can say been there done that got the T-Shirt. NCF isn’t the same without Mike there anyway. So we Bought some roof racks and bike racks for the Golf. They make the car look sporty again :)
Here is a pic
0005.JPG (53359 bytes)
K I am off to take Miranda to work

So MMMmm Well Its Saturday

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So MMMmm Well Its Saturday and the sun is shinning and everything is joyous Yaaaah. Well I Have decided that I am into mountain biking all hard core like. I went out on Thursday after I posted here and rode to my school to pay my Arts deposit. After that I kinda went a little crazy I road all over the place. to downtown and back like 6 times all through out all the biking trails and stuff. Just all over the place I most likely bike like 30 to 40 km. Really crazy for a big bellied out of shape guy. I did have one mishap I kinda went over my handle bars on this hill and sort of hurt my leg a Little you know how that is. So I was limping about and screaming in pain and having to ride home yet thinking hey I have to go to work yet tonight I walked on it for a while and eventually came to the conclusion that work wasn’t really going to work out if I couldn’t walk well. So I called in I really didn’t want to but I did. Oh well so Miranda and I went out and about on Thursday and did some driving around and then we bought a mountain Bike a real cool one with rear and front suspension and quick release tires and seats etc Very cool indeed.
Here is a pic. (I know its not the best angle but I had Food I my hand:) )

SO yester day All I did was ride around on it again it was a day of going up and down hills and in the park this way and that you know having a blast. I went to visit Miranda downtown as well we had lunch at The CRACK CHICKEN I have tasted the crack and it was good. I can see what all the fuss is about. more ridding around and stuff I made a scavenger hunt for Miranda on the bike paths and such using the GPS and the digital camera. Its all cool you have to go and find the pictures using the GPS co-ordinates and this poem that goes along with it. I choose a word from each stop that best describes the area and wrote this cool little poem that will glide you along the way. All the GPS Waypoints are named after a word in the poem. So It is all cool and I thought that Miranda would be excited but she was just like ya I don’t wanna and that sort of sucked I guess. Oh well I guess that’s the way that things go. Any who I am thinking about making Breakfast now and I am not really sure what we are up to today. May be we will go to the Mutart or the Zoo Cept I don’t really want to go to the zoo and Miranda doesn’t want to do the Mutart :) (I don’t want to look at caged animals and she doesn’t want to look at Caged plants) I don’t know we shall see I suppose

Well I haven’t really much

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Well I haven’t really much to say. Very little has happened :) I am going to make a database of all our stuff for insurance in case the place ever burnt up or anything complete with pictures and all that jazz Other then that not much new

Wow I just realized that

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Wow I just realized that the last 15 to 20 posts of mine have completely the wrong time!! For example Blogger says that it is 12:13:39 PM right now but it is really 1:14 PM right now like 11 hours out how annoying.

Wow all this time I

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Wow all this time I have been doing all my html my self when there is these funky buttons like this one or this one or this one that input some of my html for me Jeeezzzz :) But after playing with them I think that it is most likely just as easy to just do it manually

So today I didn’t do

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So today I didn’t do much Miranda and I slept in till like 11am. We had Breakfast and drove around a bit looking at peoples backyards and Decks looking for Ideas for our house. We went and drove by the show home again just to see it and talk about ideas for our yard and Deck when we finally get the house. We most likely wont even be looking for another 4 to 6 months yet, then another 9 to 12 months to build and bango we are in a house that is very cool. That is the plan anyway :) So I am at coffee right now writing this jazz it is very late and I should go home and sleep or something but I am not really tired at all Oh well Today was also day six of my Sun spun carrier It was all cool I filled an order for Keegan’s today although I am not sure which one it was the south side or the north side but it was for Keegan’s none the less. Any way I am going to go home now and maybe sleep :)

SO I haven’t done much

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SO I haven’t done much these last couple days. I went for coffee last night and wrote a lot more on the pretentious artists movie script I will go for coffee again this eve and write some more I am really getting into their characters and stuff now so it is a lot of work but it is fun. Slept most of the day today I don’t know what is with me lately I do nothing but sleep and sleep and sleep. So I am forcing my self to stay up more : )

I have One bitch of

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I have One bitch of a headache I’ll tell you. Silvia From GMCC called and said all was cool with my conditional acceptance and that I would get some mail on the subject soon :)

Today is my Friday YAAAAA!!!

Ok That was just Fucked

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Ok That was just Fucked I just got cold called for a job :) What the fuck I mean I can understand sales or promotion but they called to let me know that they have a number of placements open and wondered if I would be interested in a “Career Change”. What the hell and people are telling me that they cant find work???? LOL what next!

Oh todays Song ….
Bad Religion – Kyoto Now

Well I registered for my

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Well I registered for my course this summer today as well as got the results back from Al at Basco about the Bus. The Bus is basically beyond repair. (Moment of silence) No more bus for us so we are most likely going to donate it to the Kidney foundation. So I am off to grab Miranda and We are off for coffee before I go to work :)

So I have just finished

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So I have just finished my first day of work at sunspun, and I think that it will be cool place to work indeed. Kind of brainless work but I get to cruse around on a palette jack all day. We went and looked at the bi level house built by Challanger Homes today and man it totally kicks ass, and the guy there was all cool as well. He explained how you can use your house equity as it is being built as part of you down payment so meaning we could buy a house chicken louey like, but we will see how that goes. I have gotten NCF and the week after Off of work so that is cool. Any how I think I am off to bed

So I got the arts

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So I got the arts transfer acceptance very cool oh and I got the job at the sunspun warehouse. I start tomorrow night. So that should be all cool indeed. I did absolutely nothing today and it was really neat :) I wouldn’t like to do that everyday because it would really grow thin quite quickly but once in a while cant hurt.

So the funniest thing happened.

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So the funniest thing happened. About 13 Cds from Columbia house just happened to find their way in to my mail box yesterday :) Well today’s Song comes from them. Bj?rk – Venus As A Boy.mp3

And Miranda’s Dad wants Mathematica, which is some sneaky special scientist software

So I am letting Miranda

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So I am letting Miranda study for her final in econ or whatever it is :) So I huddled up in front of my computer when all I really want to be doing is running around out side taking pictures of everything but it is all good I love her so I will sit quietly :) So This camera rocks I am taking pics of just about everything under the sun check the pics page to see some.

So today was just like

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So today was just like any other I suppose cept we bought a digital/web camera and it kicks ass. Although it was a hard thing to buy because nobody wanted to talk to me on the phone, in person, or sell products that they carried. They didn’t really want my money at all. LOL So the story is there was this AGFA Camera that was on sale on the future shop web site but all the stores said that they couldn’t get it in house that it absolutely had to be purchased on line and that was that. So I was like what ever that is pretty dumb policy but such is life. So I went to future shop with Miranda today the only future shop that I didn’t call I might add, and what do I see on the shelf but at least 6 of these stupid cameras. Ohhh and the one that we bought (From Staples instead) was there but was mis-priced 80 dollars higher. I found the whole adventure really funny. Ahh well it is all for the better cause this one is way better. It is this USB web cam that doubles as a digital still camera very cool indeed so I have been playing with that all day :) I still haven’t heard about my school which is a little problematic for Miranda J but the woman wasn’t there any if the time that I called today but what ever she was going above a beyond by giving me her direct number so I cant complain. I will give here a shout in the morning. I went to Sunspun today and got a grand tour of the warehouse. Fuck it is huge I don’t think that I have been with in a structure that was that large ever in one uninterrupted space before BIG. He will call me tomorrow and make it official but I basically have the job, and it pays more then I thought $10.75/hr and $1000 bonus every 500 hours so very cool They are really lax about hours and stuff to so during school it should be good. Went for coffee with Cory tonight he is leaving for Van tomorrow so Miranda and I went for a coffee at Humpty’s.

But I am tired so I am off to sleep…..

Last night we

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    So Last night we went down to Sunspun with the intentions of grabbing an Application and applying but the office was closed.  So I was back out at the car and I ran into Chris (Shannon’s B-Friend) who was all awesome and introduced me to Shawn and everything.  So I will show up at 6pm tonight and get an interview and everything and start soon. :)New job fer me :)
    So we are going to make a easel because there isn’t much to them and they are so expensive, so we are going to make one.  I will post pictures of the adventure.
    I am going to buy a cheap digital camera from Future Shop.  It is like $70 which is so cheap just to give it a try for 30 days he he :) so when it sucks I can take it back. Then I should be able to take a whack of pictures and post them about. I guess song of the hour is by The Dandy Warhols
– Heroin Is So Passe | Stream it | OR| Download it |

So I Think that

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So I Think that my school is finally figured out now. I am enrolled in the general studies program now but my class times kind of suck and I will be jumping from campus to campus :) Or I most likely will be accepted to the BA transfer program if I take a class this summer to get three credits. I will know for sure tomorrow but the lady that I talked to today sounded really confident that a conditional acceptance would be know prob. So that will rock I wont be driving over to mill woods everyday I can bike and stuff good times indeed. Plus I get to be in school for the summer, which totally rocks because I was really missing it. It is really only one class but I think that I will make do He He He I am sure that I am the only human alive that likes school to the point of being ecstatic that it is happening in the summer to.
So I have been so immersed into this PHP code and this ASP Store front shit that my head is going to explode I swear but I found this really cool Asp script I mean it is truly very cool Fragileworks.com/mp3 That is all my mp3s that I have on disk in this very cool and handy player /organizer ETC… Very neat indeed So Ya that is the product of my labor for that last little while.
So I am doing laundry and such waiting for some cloths to dry enough to where to get Miranda right away. We are off to do the name registration on Um Ya Media Productions after and then maybe if she wants to come for the drive to Sunspun to apply for this warehouse job that Shannon and Chris work at.
I also hope to get the Ad for distribution next week done (I would have to start it first) tonight, and maybe some more done on the screenplay O doom. Because I need to get it a little bit more concrete before I can really call it a screenplay But it is really coming along great in my head now I am starting to see the character develop into the 3 dimensional characters that I really hope they turn out to be.
Maybe I will try and call john Hawke tonight. Miranda and I ran into him at the Save On Foods on 34th He said that he was going to call but like john he hasn’t. ……
… Oh well he inst listed in the 411 directories. The phone number must be under his girlfriend’s name. Well Anyway today’s song is a fun little number thats called Signal in the Sky By The Apples in Stereo. I have two formats for your enjoyment Streaming MP3 OR Download it here

Well today has been very

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Well today has been very productive day already I tell you. I had a list of things that needed to get done Like Phone my boss and quit (Fort Ed) and call my school and find out what’s happening there. (they lost my app) and well I have made a whole whack of stuff for me to do tomorrow
Any way I am off to register a business name. I will chat back later

So I have been doing

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So I have been doing a great deal of stuff since I last posted on here, where to begin. Well I have quite smoking and taking up painting, I am done school for the summer and have been working at Fort Edmonton Park, but I decided to quit there yesterday and look for something else.

Well I just have to

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Well I just have to give a big hand to Gino’s restaurant and their lovely serenade of alarms that we received all night. I am sure that the neighbors will all agree with me when I say that the lack of sleep will be a helpful addition to my day. I really liked how it kept shutting or just long enough to almost get asleep and then It would fire up again. That was a nice touch. Any way enough sarcasm although it was quite annoying I am sure I will survive. Any who Miranda and I are off to Van today we will leave at four. Todays Song is Death Cab For Cutie – Styrofoam Plates Another good song :)

Well I was right it

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Well I was right it does look very cool (Miranda’s Hair) Very cool indeed here is some pictures of it just cause I put them up for Miranda’s mom to see

Well I decided to make a new film starring me and such It will be called “The Paper” It will be about a student that stresses over a paper that he is tiring to write I am working on that right now so I cant chat long.
Miranda and I are going to Vancouver for a few days this week so that should be cool. Hopefully get to see D&T and M&J :) Anyway the movie calls my attention :)
Todays Song of the day is Dashboard Confessional – The Brilliant Dance This is a neat little band that I found today while Miranda and I were looking for new Mp3’s

So today was really uneventful

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So today was really uneventful not that its a bad thing to have an uneventful day :) Well for starters it is Sunday and nothing really big happens on a Sunday. Miranda & I got up around 10ish & spent the morning downloading mp3’s and talking about how we should do our business when we move to Vancouver. I am so pumped about it and it sounds like Miranda is too. I just hope that her enthusiasm lasts. I am sitting in a hair salon right now waiting for Miranda to get her hair cut and coloured. So other then being totally bored things are cool. I have decided that I am going to laugh at lot more, because I feel that it one of the keys to happiness. I mean with in reason and all I wont just start laughing at nothing, more so that I will laugh at the things that I find funny. Before I would often find things quite humorous but would only laugh to my self about them. I think that if I started to express that things are funny by laughing it would contribute to my personal happiness. But beyond that it is reading week an as I said yesterday this is really neat for me. I guess it is the small pleasures that get me. All when I was growing up and everyone I knew was in university, they always raved about reading week. k Miranda is starting to get her hair cut now so I will Sign off for a while. Oh well I guess she doesn’t want me to watch so will continue rambling along here. Looks like Miranda is going red or something although she wont tell me what she’s up to. He he although I am sure it will look awesome..

Well It is reading week

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Well It is reading week now! It is really neat this is the first reading week that I have ever had so that is quite cool. I mean I have always heard every body else talk about reading week and I have never had that. But now I do so coolio for me.

Wow I tell ya this

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Wow I tell ya this is a long time since I have posted anything. Well let me tell you what has been happening here as of late. Man I have been so busy doing all kinds of stuff. Between The Forbian art and School And VV I have been Crazy with the stuff But Anyway I am at school So I should Do some of that Stuff I promise I will write more often

Well here I am not

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Well here I am not writing everyday well I am a bad bad bad person
Yesterday I didn’t work at all I went to school, then for coffee with drew who had his job interview at That place where I work then Miranda and I drove around for a while, watched a movie and Went to bed Really unentertaining. I had the weirdest dream the other day and I meant to write about it here but I forgot. I dreamt that it was the apocalypse, the end of the world” and every one famous was there. The Four horseman, all these demons and evil creatures, and of course all us lowly inhabitants of earth were all running about in there different roles. The Demons were, killing, maiming, and dragging people to the fiery pits of hell. The people running and screaming, being killed, maimed and resisting being drug into the fiery pits of hell by the demons. All fucked up kinds of things as such. They were taking all these bad people to hell and not touching the pure in spirit, and needless to say there was blood and carnage everywhere. I wasn’t taken and I wasn’t really scared about it. LOL It was a really fucked up dream that’s for sure. What it really means to a psychologist, and how that pretains to my mental health I have no idea, nor do I really care. Anyway I am up for some O that coffee I just brewed

And a good morning to

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And a good morning to all!!!!!. Wow I am so not awake at all :) But I am pretending really well. Today I am driving the lovely wife to Jens place and then I am off to school, coffee with Cory, work, pick up Miranda, Studying at Keggens , and then home to write in this and off to sleep. We will see tonight how well I can actually follow this HEHEH :) Any way going to have my coffee and smoke before it gets cold.
Later Today
Well I acually made out and did everything that I had planed for today Neat

So today was the first

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So today was the first day at the VV Man they have all kinds of great loot there. But I cant buy any of it till at least three days after our grand opening so I have to be patient HEHE Oh well. So I finally broke down and asked Cory what the answer to his Riddle is today
What is more good the God and More evil then the devil? Rich people want it Poor people have it and If you eat it you will die.


Man that has had me going for about a week now LOL any way I am beat so off to bed with me.