I have One bitch of

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I have One bitch of a headache I’ll tell you. Silvia From GMCC called and said all was cool with my conditional acceptance and that I would get some mail on the subject soon :)

Today is my Friday YAAAAA!!!

Ok That was just Fucked

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Ok That was just Fucked I just got cold called for a job :) What the fuck I mean I can understand sales or promotion but they called to let me know that they have a number of placements open and wondered if I would be interested in a “Career Change”. What the hell and people are telling me that they cant find work???? LOL what next!

Oh todays Song ….
Bad Religion – Kyoto Now

Well I registered for my

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Well I registered for my course this summer today as well as got the results back from Al at Basco about the Bus. The Bus is basically beyond repair. (Moment of silence) No more bus for us so we are most likely going to donate it to the Kidney foundation. So I am off to grab Miranda and We are off for coffee before I go to work :)

So I have just finished

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So I have just finished my first day of work at sunspun, and I think that it will be cool place to work indeed. Kind of brainless work but I get to cruse around on a palette jack all day. We went and looked at the bi level house built by Challanger Homes today and man it totally kicks ass, and the guy there was all cool as well. He explained how you can use your house equity as it is being built as part of you down payment so meaning we could buy a house chicken louey like, but we will see how that goes. I have gotten NCF and the week after Off of work so that is cool. Any how I think I am off to bed

So I got the arts

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So I got the arts transfer acceptance very cool oh and I got the job at the sunspun warehouse. I start tomorrow night. So that should be all cool indeed. I did absolutely nothing today and it was really neat :) I wouldn’t like to do that everyday because it would really grow thin quite quickly but once in a while cant hurt.

So the funniest thing happened.

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So the funniest thing happened. About 13 Cds from Columbia house just happened to find their way in to my mail box yesterday :) Well today’s Song comes from them. Bj?rk – Venus As A Boy.mp3

And Miranda’s Dad wants Mathematica, which is some sneaky special scientist software

So I am letting Miranda

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So I am letting Miranda study for her final in econ or whatever it is :) So I huddled up in front of my computer when all I really want to be doing is running around out side taking pictures of everything but it is all good I love her so I will sit quietly :) So This camera rocks I am taking pics of just about everything under the sun check the pics page to see some.

So today was just like

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So today was just like any other I suppose cept we bought a digital/web camera and it kicks ass. Although it was a hard thing to buy because nobody wanted to talk to me on the phone, in person, or sell products that they carried. They didn’t really want my money at all. LOL So the story is there was this AGFA Camera that was on sale on the future shop web site but all the stores said that they couldn’t get it in house that it absolutely had to be purchased on line and that was that. So I was like what ever that is pretty dumb policy but such is life. So I went to future shop with Miranda today the only future shop that I didn’t call I might add, and what do I see on the shelf but at least 6 of these stupid cameras. Ohhh and the one that we bought (From Staples instead) was there but was mis-priced 80 dollars higher. I found the whole adventure really funny. Ahh well it is all for the better cause this one is way better. It is this USB web cam that doubles as a digital still camera very cool indeed so I have been playing with that all day :) I still haven’t heard about my school which is a little problematic for Miranda J but the woman wasn’t there any if the time that I called today but what ever she was going above a beyond by giving me her direct number so I cant complain. I will give here a shout in the morning. I went to Sunspun today and got a grand tour of the warehouse. Fuck it is huge I don’t think that I have been with in a structure that was that large ever in one uninterrupted space before BIG. He will call me tomorrow and make it official but I basically have the job, and it pays more then I thought $10.75/hr and $1000 bonus every 500 hours so very cool They are really lax about hours and stuff to so during school it should be good. Went for coffee with Cory tonight he is leaving for Van tomorrow so Miranda and I went for a coffee at Humpty’s.

But I am tired so I am off to sleep…..

Last night we

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    So Last night we went down to Sunspun with the intentions of grabbing an Application and applying but the office was closed.  So I was back out at the car and I ran into Chris (Shannon’s B-Friend) who was all awesome and introduced me to Shawn and everything.  So I will show up at 6pm tonight and get an interview and everything and start soon. :)New job fer me :)
    So we are going to make a easel because there isn’t much to them and they are so expensive, so we are going to make one.  I will post pictures of the adventure.
    I am going to buy a cheap digital camera from Future Shop.  It is like $70 which is so cheap just to give it a try for 30 days he he :) so when it sucks I can take it back. Then I should be able to take a whack of pictures and post them about. I guess song of the hour is by The Dandy Warhols
– Heroin Is So Passe | Stream it | OR| Download it |

So I Think that

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So I Think that my school is finally figured out now. I am enrolled in the general studies program now but my class times kind of suck and I will be jumping from campus to campus :) Or I most likely will be accepted to the BA transfer program if I take a class this summer to get three credits. I will know for sure tomorrow but the lady that I talked to today sounded really confident that a conditional acceptance would be know prob. So that will rock I wont be driving over to mill woods everyday I can bike and stuff good times indeed. Plus I get to be in school for the summer, which totally rocks because I was really missing it. It is really only one class but I think that I will make do He He He I am sure that I am the only human alive that likes school to the point of being ecstatic that it is happening in the summer to.
So I have been so immersed into this PHP code and this ASP Store front shit that my head is going to explode I swear but I found this really cool Asp script I mean it is truly very cool Fragileworks.com/mp3 That is all my mp3s that I have on disk in this very cool and handy player /organizer ETC… Very neat indeed So Ya that is the product of my labor for that last little while.
So I am doing laundry and such waiting for some cloths to dry enough to where to get Miranda right away. We are off to do the name registration on Um Ya Media Productions after and then maybe if she wants to come for the drive to Sunspun to apply for this warehouse job that Shannon and Chris work at.
I also hope to get the Ad for distribution next week done (I would have to start it first) tonight, and maybe some more done on the screenplay O doom. Because I need to get it a little bit more concrete before I can really call it a screenplay But it is really coming along great in my head now I am starting to see the character develop into the 3 dimensional characters that I really hope they turn out to be.
Maybe I will try and call john Hawke tonight. Miranda and I ran into him at the Save On Foods on 34th He said that he was going to call but like john he hasn’t. ……
… Oh well he inst listed in the 411 directories. The phone number must be under his girlfriend’s name. Well Anyway today’s song is a fun little number thats called Signal in the Sky By The Apples in Stereo. I have two formats for your enjoyment Streaming MP3 OR Download it here

Well today has been very

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Well today has been very productive day already I tell you. I had a list of things that needed to get done Like Phone my boss and quit (Fort Ed) and call my school and find out what’s happening there. (they lost my app) and well I have made a whole whack of stuff for me to do tomorrow
Any way I am off to register a business name. I will chat back later

So I have been doing

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So I have been doing a great deal of stuff since I last posted on here, where to begin. Well I have quite smoking and taking up painting, I am done school for the summer and have been working at Fort Edmonton Park, but I decided to quit there yesterday and look for something else.

Well I just have to

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Well I just have to give a big hand to Gino’s restaurant and their lovely serenade of alarms that we received all night. I am sure that the neighbors will all agree with me when I say that the lack of sleep will be a helpful addition to my day. I really liked how it kept shutting or just long enough to almost get asleep and then It would fire up again. That was a nice touch. Any way enough sarcasm although it was quite annoying I am sure I will survive. Any who Miranda and I are off to Van today we will leave at four. Todays Song is Death Cab For Cutie – Styrofoam Plates Another good song :)

Well I was right it

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Well I was right it does look very cool (Miranda’s Hair) Very cool indeed here is some pictures of it just cause I put them up for Miranda’s mom to see

Well I decided to make a new film starring me and such It will be called “The Paper” It will be about a student that stresses over a paper that he is tiring to write I am working on that right now so I cant chat long.
Miranda and I are going to Vancouver for a few days this week so that should be cool. Hopefully get to see D&T and M&J :) Anyway the movie calls my attention :)
Todays Song of the day is Dashboard Confessional – The Brilliant Dance This is a neat little band that I found today while Miranda and I were looking for new Mp3’s

So today was really uneventful

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So today was really uneventful not that its a bad thing to have an uneventful day :) Well for starters it is Sunday and nothing really big happens on a Sunday. Miranda & I got up around 10ish & spent the morning downloading mp3’s and talking about how we should do our business when we move to Vancouver. I am so pumped about it and it sounds like Miranda is too. I just hope that her enthusiasm lasts. I am sitting in a hair salon right now waiting for Miranda to get her hair cut and coloured. So other then being totally bored things are cool. I have decided that I am going to laugh at lot more, because I feel that it one of the keys to happiness. I mean with in reason and all I wont just start laughing at nothing, more so that I will laugh at the things that I find funny. Before I would often find things quite humorous but would only laugh to my self about them. I think that if I started to express that things are funny by laughing it would contribute to my personal happiness. But beyond that it is reading week an as I said yesterday this is really neat for me. I guess it is the small pleasures that get me. All when I was growing up and everyone I knew was in university, they always raved about reading week. k Miranda is starting to get her hair cut now so I will Sign off for a while. Oh well I guess she doesn’t want me to watch so will continue rambling along here. Looks like Miranda is going red or something although she wont tell me what she’s up to. He he although I am sure it will look awesome..

Well It is reading week

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Well It is reading week now! It is really neat this is the first reading week that I have ever had so that is quite cool. I mean I have always heard every body else talk about reading week and I have never had that. But now I do so coolio for me.

Wow I tell ya this

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Wow I tell ya this is a long time since I have posted anything. Well let me tell you what has been happening here as of late. Man I have been so busy doing all kinds of stuff. Between The Forbian art and School And VV I have been Crazy with the stuff But Anyway I am at school So I should Do some of that Stuff I promise I will write more often

Well here I am not

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Well here I am not writing everyday well I am a bad bad bad person
Yesterday I didn’t work at all I went to school, then for coffee with drew who had his job interview at That place where I work then Miranda and I drove around for a while, watched a movie and Went to bed Really unentertaining. I had the weirdest dream the other day and I meant to write about it here but I forgot. I dreamt that it was the apocalypse, the end of the world” and every one famous was there. The Four horseman, all these demons and evil creatures, and of course all us lowly inhabitants of earth were all running about in there different roles. The Demons were, killing, maiming, and dragging people to the fiery pits of hell. The people running and screaming, being killed, maimed and resisting being drug into the fiery pits of hell by the demons. All fucked up kinds of things as such. They were taking all these bad people to hell and not touching the pure in spirit, and needless to say there was blood and carnage everywhere. I wasn’t taken and I wasn’t really scared about it. LOL It was a really fucked up dream that’s for sure. What it really means to a psychologist, and how that pretains to my mental health I have no idea, nor do I really care. Anyway I am up for some O that coffee I just brewed

And a good morning to

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And a good morning to all!!!!!. Wow I am so not awake at all :) But I am pretending really well. Today I am driving the lovely wife to Jens place and then I am off to school, coffee with Cory, work, pick up Miranda, Studying at Keggens , and then home to write in this and off to sleep. We will see tonight how well I can actually follow this HEHEH :) Any way going to have my coffee and smoke before it gets cold.
Later Today
Well I acually made out and did everything that I had planed for today Neat

So today was the first

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So today was the first day at the VV Man they have all kinds of great loot there. But I cant buy any of it till at least three days after our grand opening so I have to be patient HEHE Oh well. So I finally broke down and asked Cory what the answer to his Riddle is today
What is more good the God and More evil then the devil? Rich people want it Poor people have it and If you eat it you will die.


Man that has had me going for about a week now LOL any way I am beat so off to bed with me.

Today has been relatively uneventful.Just

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Today has been relatively uneventful.Just the usual of school and such. I have done nothing productive today other then study. Oh I drew a picture for the hell of it. I have been feeling a bit lazy as of late. It just seams that I don’t get anything done in a day O well I think that I am going to start drawing a picture, or at least work on one, everyday just to hone those skills and such Today’s MP3 is Tori Amos – Left Of The Middle. for no other reason then it is a good song. Well off to pick up Miranda from work.

So it has been a few days

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So it has been a few days since I have posted and I have nothing to blame this on except my own laziness :) My Midterms went well well My Art history one not so well but good enough I think. The Sociology one kicked I bet I kicked ass on that one. I went for my orientation at Value Village and Well that was also cool I mean I think that I will really enjoy working there. the people that I will be working with look pretty cool and my Boss Tara also seams quite cool. I am really stoked about the 50% off on stuff It will be a big adventure to Value Village when I have cash again. :) I am working on my Drama essay today and cleaning up the desk a little bit. other then that not much is going on here. The Cam is still down because I am still looking into other alternatives for my server. My link of the day is http://www.wakinglifemovie.com/this looks like a cool movie and I will see it at my first opportunity.

So Today it looks like

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So Today it looks like all that studying last night may have paid off. The info is still some what stuck in my brain as it really should be :) We are going out again this eve to do some more studying although this time it would appear that there is a few more people that are going to attend. From the sounds of it Robin, Lesley and Shannon May come out so we should get a bunch done Ya. Other then that my drama assignment has been pushed back again to Monday, which really rocks, because that is something that I haven’t had the opportunity to much on. And the art history is looking a little less intimidating the it had before. I am still at school right now, and I may be here for a while I don’t know. I have no inkling to go home cause M that dear that she is had packed me a bit of a lunch so I am not the least bit hungry. Although, I don’t really know what I will do here. If I was to go home I most likely would be doing stuff on the computer that Wouldn’t really be beneficial to studying LOL Any way this is really not that beneficial either so I will get to doing something else.

Pure Craziness I just got

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Pure Craziness I just got back from studying for Sociology at Keegan’s for like 6 hours My head is so fucked up right now :) Shannon came and we did like four chapters of intense sociology and I mean a lot of this stuff is stuff that I had never seen before. Oh well it went well though we got a lot covered and such. Cory and Natasha came at the end for a quick cup O coffee and such so that was entertaining other then that there hasn’t really been anything else that has happened today. Word of the day is “Stuff” He he any way off to bed. Oh I got the job at Value Village I start on Thursday, so that is cool. I think that it will be a really cool job the people that I have talked to seam really fun as well So I think that there is some fun to be had.

Well It is Tuesday and

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Well It is Tuesday and Today is looking to be a lot like the rest of the week. More School and more studying. I have two midterms on Thursday. Art history and Sociology. I am a little scared of these mid terms cause they are the first ones of my collage career. I am sure that I will do just fine on both but it unnerves me none the less. So Miranda And I had a bit of a fight today. The thing is I am not really sure what it was about. I was really bitchy this morning cause I didn’t have any smokes and I got mad at a cab driver that was being a bit of a prick whilst driving. Then when she got of the car at work she yelled at me and slammed the door to the car. I don’t really know what it was all about. Crazy times. I have a job interview at the Infamous Value Village today. WOW!! You are all saying that is cool you get to get cool clothes at cheaper then already cheap. Neat eh. I mean I know that it is Value Village and not IBM or MICROSFT but I am none the less sort of excited about it. Also I was at coffee last night studying when I ran into Eli, and he steered me to a place that might be looking for some assistance in digitizing a whole lot a poems and Prose and things as such. www.readtear.ca. The site is really cool and the project looks equally neat. So I fired of an email last night to them saying that I am looking to assist in some way. We will see how that goes. Any way I should go and have a Cig before I go to class so I will yak again at noon.

Holy bloody Cow This weekend

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Holy bloody Cow This weekend was just a tad busy. J Saturday Was Filming At Cory’s And Natasha’s Place. That was really cool but I was there all day LOL I then Came home and Rendered the files out to give them back to him but the quality wasn’t the greatest so I am doing it again LOL It is still Rendering as we Speck this Monday Morning Its Been going for like 6-7 hours LOL. Oh what is this Sound I here Sounds Like my coffee in finished being made………..Ahhhhhhh Coffee WOW I have said it once and I will say it again. Coffee is really good and whom ever Invented it Whomever discovered that when you take a bunch of the beans and Grind them up and pour hot water though them I a person that I Applaud.
Any Way Morning routine time is taking over so I will write after school.

Hey Hey today has been

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Hey Hey today has been quite uneventful meaning not much happened.  I went to school and suchas per usual.  Picked up the Pepper Kit (Lights) from FAVA and dropped them off at Cory’s Place today.  We are going to spend the day filming more tomorrow, so that will be quite entertaining I am sure.  I am really enjoying this that is for sure.  So today I am quite full of Energy Miranda and I went for a drive around town tonight and I spent all the time wanting to listen to some sorta punkish stuff  So today’s Song of the day is I Like Fucking by Bikini Kill Roy My brother in Law came into town today so he is here hangin out before he is of to a party. Well I am being a little rude writing this now so I will sign off for now..

So I took a break…

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So I took a break from studying tonight and I watched a movie with the Wife. We watched The Spitfire Grill You can read about it here.
All I Have to say is that man is that a good movie. I really liked it even if it is one of these make you feel Good/Bad flicks. :) Today was a little less hectic the yesterday that is for sure, although I am feeling a little guilty cause I didn’t get anything done really. I guess I need some time to relax once in a while but I just cant help and feel guilty. We ordered Chinese food in tonight and ate that whilst watching the movie. So I would recommend this movie to anyone really I would. So I guess that counts as the link of the day as well Eh! Well I guess the movie had its poor points but they all do, but the good far out ways the bad. Any Way I am off to bed so I will talk at you later.

Click To See A Larger Pi

Holy Cow was Yesterday a

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Holy Cow was Yesterday a busy Day. I mean it was busy enough that I didn’t get to post here at all. Well the day started with me getting up at one of those god awful hours again. This time it was 8:00AM Crazy eh? Then I went out to FAVA and picked up the camera, lights and all the equipment Tool them to Cory’s Place and then off to school I was bound. From there I when back to Cory’s Place and Filmed. This job is gonna be the best I think. The Money is one thing but to be actually doing the filming Will be far more worth it. I am going to start making plans on SS6 soon as well. That should be quite cool. I am going to fund this new endeavor out of TFA money. That will be quite cool indeed. So today is looking to be about as busy. This morning I AGAIN Got up at that god awful hour of 8:30AM and went over to Cory’s to do the Tear Down. Back off to FAVA I was. Then to school. Miranda decided that she wasn’t going to go to jasper today as she had planned. I feel bad because I know that she really wanted to, and I am sure that there is reasons other then the ones that she said why she isn’t going. But Oh well what can you do I can’t force her to go and she has said that she will go next week. I really think that it would be really good for her to go and be by herself for a while. Any way I am off to class now. Later.

So I am off to

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So I am off to bed cause I am beat. I haven’t much to say about the day that hasn’t already been said. I am going to set up link a week here just cause. So this weeks link is www.cjsr.com This is the indie radio station that I am almost guaranteed to be listening to if I am listing to the radio. Goodnight and once again Good Bye Mr. Dressup. We love you.

I Think that I am

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I Think that I am going to have to sleep a little bit more because I am totally beat today. Oh neat I just figured out how to get my GMMC email that is fun :) I am in my last class and I am waiting for it to start. so I thought that I would give this a blurb Opps Class has starting

So I get a call…

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So I get a call from my wife and she tells me that the only man that I would ever consider to be a hero has died. I didn’t know him personally and he wouldn’t have had a clue about who I was or even who my parents were. But I knew him, as did almost everybody else who grew up watching the CBC. The man how talked to puppets and the freaky owl on the wall. Some one
that wasn’t afraid to play make believe and dress in drag. The man that could create an elaborate castle out of a bunch of simple materials such as construction paper and a bit of glue. Ernie Coombs, or as many know him Mr. Dressup, died today! You will be remembered forever in our hearts and in our minds. When we think about what kind of people we are today you can be sure You! Mr. Dressup! had a part. Mr. Coombs, you helped raise many generations of children including mine and I will forever be in awe of the Man with a thousand costumes and a picture for everything. Thanks for everything we will miss you.
I Will Miss You!


My Wife also had a few words to say.
Ernie Coombs came to Canada in 1963 to work with his friend Fred Rogers at CBC. When Mr. Rogers moved back to the United States, CBC had a children’s slot that needed filling. On the advice of Mr. Rogers, Ernie Coombs took over the slot and Mr. Dressup was born in 1967. With his constant companions Casey and Finnegan, Mr. Dressup brought smiles and laughter to children for almost 30 years, until his retirement in 1996. When Judith Lawrence, Casey and Finnegan’s puppeteer, retired in 1989, the puppets retired with her but Mr. Dressup carried on with his new friends, who I never got to know. His last show taped on Valentines Day, 1996, with little fanfare. Reruns continue today, as children still watch, as they did 30 years ago, to the man with the tickle trunk and the own on the wall. When Casey and Finnegan retired, I was saddened by the departure of 2 puppets I had grown up with and grown to love. Today I cry as I say goodbye to Mr. Dressup, who passed away this morning, after a lifetime of making children like me smile.
Thank you for everything, Mr. Dressup, and I miss you.
~ Miranda

So today started out mostly

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So today started out mostly uneventful with the alarm clock going off at the unheard of hour of 7:30AM. I mean really what would or could posses an individual to decide that this is that good hour to start business little loan consciousness. (I am not really a morning person just in case anyone needed to ask.) The worst part about mornings I think is the fact that I don’t usually do anything till at least 10:00 Am anyway so why not get out of bed at 9:56AM and start the day on a good foot. For the odd instance that I am getting up early I usually just sit around and get increasingly more tired, while I wait for stuff like my day to happen. It is a weird thing really I mean regardless of what time it is that I have gone to bed I have a hard time getting up early. For example last night I went to bed at around 4 AM and got up at 7:30 that is about three and a half hours sleep and today I am dead. Now take the scenario of me going to bed around 6AM and getting up at 9AM That is much more effective for me really. Well maybe it is all in my head. Who knows? So any ways back to the reason that I got up at 7:30 this morning. The Golf needed new tires put on the front. So the only time that we could feasibly get this in at the tire shop was at 8:00 AM. Yup you heard me right 8:00AM!!! Ok fine I will just zip down there we get them to put the tires on the car and I am home by 9:00AM sounds good right. Make it seem almost like it didn’t really happen it was all just a dream, at least this is the plan. So we get down to the Canadian Tire to have the tire changing action take place. Miranda was all smart and phoned ahead and made an appointment and such, so we thought that this was going to be painless. J Well that is where we were wrong. So Up to the front counter of the Service counter we stroll and there we had the distinct displeasure of talking to Steve the counter person. Not in Steve’s defense he wasn’t really that clever which there is nothing really wrong with. I mean there are not very cleaver people all over and they are all right but our interactions with Steve just basically set the Canadian Tire adventure of on the wrong foot. The first indication we had that Steve wasn’t really clever was the fact that after telling him our phone number 3 times he still got it incorrect. This resulted in him half making a service under another person for a car that we didn’t have. After that was straightened out, we then moved on to the next somewhat seemingly impassable hurdle in our transaction, the license plate number. Now Steve asked what our license plate number was, and we replied with you I don’t really know. “Oh” he says ok and continues on with the service order. About 20 seconds later he asks again “What is the License plate number” and we told him again that we didn’t know. “Oh” he says again and continues. Then again he asks so what was the license plate number “again”? Again! We hadn’t given it to him to begin with, so how is it that he would be asking for it again? So after a conversation that consisted of us explaining to Steve that we still didn’t know the plate number of the car and him asking for it a few more times we had the work order signed and we were in business. Now again in defense of Steve he wrote on the top of the work order in large quite legible writing “8:00AM Appointment” and “Customer waiting.” One would think that this would be a note to the service technician or one in control of the work order. BUT as we found out it was most likely an offering to the “Tire Repair God” of sorts because I really don’t think that anyone else of the mere mortal varity was really reading it. In other words the “Simple” tire repair took almost exactly one hour and forty-five minutes. At least the is how long it took us to ask twice about the repair and bitch about it twice. What was the hold up you ask? Well it would appear that when we entered the building today there was a sign on my forehead that said “CONSUMER”. They were writing up quotes for repairs on the car that had been done 2 months ago. And where fine when I drove the car into the shop this morning. AHHHH Well that is my rant on that I am just upset that it took Two hours and 15 min to do a repair that I used to do in 20 min. Crazy stuff really again in defense of Steve, he might be quite a clever individual and it was just the morning thing getting to me. I don’t know Oh well so the Golf is in tip top shape and the annoying rattle that was there is now gone J (Separating tires tend to do that) Well Thats that.

Well Here it is 3

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Well Here it is 3 in the morning and I am done the Sociology Assignment that is due for tommorro…… Opps I guess today :) I don’t know how good it is I will read it over in the morning and see. I think I am going to crash a little early this eve cause I have to take the golf in to get some new tires on it first thing in the morning. Curses on Miranda for making the appointment so bloody early (Hehe JK) but it is early oh well we will see how well I function in the morning LOL I haven’t really decided if I am going to let anyone know that I am doing this Web blog thing yet, I mean this is a journal of mine and everything yet I sorta wanna let Miranda and others know about it I don’t know cause if I know that there is other people that read it I might not put stuff in here that I otherwise would so I am at a loss as to what I should do, but I will continue to write it as though it is for other people to read it until I decide if I want people to have this much incite into me and all.
On a different note I have done absolutely nothing on EMILY today and I am feeling a little bad about that. For those that don’t know EMILY is the latest film project that I am working on. Read more about it here www.emilythemovie.com I have said that I am going to do a little bit each and everyday and well today I haven’t oh well. Coffee Was fun Drew came and told us boundless stories about how much Acid he has done in the last few weeks (He is a Funny Guy) and C&N showed up to that was neat. We are getting ready for our film project on wed. Should be cool I am sure. Anyway I have a Cig hanging out of my mouth right now waiting to be smoked so I will sign off for Sept 17 2001 with a link. http://www.redmeat.com/redmeat/2001-07-10/index.html

So I have this

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So I have this Sociology paper that is due for tomorrow, and I have just now decided that all the work that I have done on it is total crap and I hate it and I have just deleted it from my computer because it sucked so bad. All gone not that it was worth anything anyway :) So tonight I will be finding a new article (part of the project) and doing it over again. AHHHH. I am mostly just pissed off today because I found out that I have a lower mark in a class then I thought I would and that I only got 16 out of 25 on a drama quiz that is worth about point one percent of my final mark, so I am most likely being really unreasonable but i am absolutely furious with my self over this I mean i should have had a way better mark then that it should be perfect cause I know that I can do it. Maybe I am a little to hard on myself but I have convinced my self that I am going to get 4’s (My school is on a 4 point system so 95% to 100%) right across that board and that this maybe something that I can do. when really it probably isn’t. Just kinda down about it all. O well I guess that is that. On the other hand my search for a job is looking up I got a call from a call center that Miranda applied to for me tonight so that is looking good. I go down there tomorrow with a full resume and check that out. as well I applied at the Value Village today. I hear that they are starving for people Well I am off downtown to pick up my wife and we are off for a quick coffee with our friend Drew at “The House Of Keegans” Oh how I love that place :) Well I will sign of for now I guess

Well I have the page

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Well I have the page up and running This is just something that I have thrown together but I am afraid that it will have to suffice for now. Not that I have any real plans of sending this url out to anyone or anything :). Any way there is so much to say about my self but I am not going to I will let the reader pick up there own impressions of me from reading this stuff that I write. I will however let the reader no what is going on in my day. It is my daily requirement to post at least once in any given day. Lately when I say that I am going to do something that seems to be true and I have been doing them. I will also try and post a link a day or a song a day kinda like my friend D does. So todays link is


Just a cartoon that I liked today. Well this is really neat actually I think that i will have a lot of fun with this as well. Well have to go now will talk later.