Four Peppers

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I felt like doing some more macros and well here you are :)

Apples, Peppers, and Mike

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– Green apples
– Hot Jalape?o pepper
– Green, red, yellow, orange Peppers
– Potatoes
All the above on black backdrop
– Mike at Keegan’s

Under Ground Parking

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I went for a short walk and with it being sunday there was no cars in this particular parkade, ,so I just strolled on in. The sun was so low in the sky and it was streaming in, I just had to take the shot.

Parking & Scona Garage

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Went for a short walk this afternoon
– Parking Garage Under Warp Comics
– Ally behind Commercial Hotel
– Whyte Ave Etc…
– Graffiti by the Tim Horton’s On White
– Post office Clock tower on Whyte
– Scona Garage (The keg)
– Pigeons on Chimney Near Tim Horton’s
– GMC Truck in the ally by Devlins
– Bee Bell Bakery

Mutart Conservatory

Jerkwithacamera Jerk With A Camera

Todays Picture of the day is one of the Mutart Conservatory here in Edmonton. The blues are a combonation of an early morning overcast sun, and a white balance setting on the Olympus D550

Mutart & Bridges

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Today Mike and I went out and about all morning. We left to catch the sunset but due to heavy overcast it didnt really rise. :)
– Mutart Conservatory
– Low level bridge
– Free Masons Lodge
– Edmonton Ski club

Ice On A Windshild

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This was taken when I left school for the day. I got into my car and being that it was nice and warm when I parked it coupled with the insane snowfall I had a great deal of Ice on the window. Me being as lazy as I am, sprayed weasel piss (Washer fluid) on the windows as apposed to getting out and scraping it off. Well It is good to see that my laziness has paid off again :)

Waiting people & Icy Windows

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– People waiting for the bus at Grant McEwen.
– People waiting to cross the street at Grant McEwen.
– Ice on the Windshild of car.

It was snowing very heavly today

Coloured Wood

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I really wanted to try my hand at more macro photography so here we are with a bunch of tooth picks.

A Cold Morning

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I grabbed this shot after dropping Miranda off at work. I was sitting at the stoplight and I had my camera on and in my hand. I look over and see this shot so I took it. It was a very cold morning all the vehicles were leaving huge vapor trails, and this woman is walking looking unpleased. Something about it I think is cool.

Coffee & Sugar

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Not much to say. Just at Keegans, I took this picture, I like it.

Snow covered Garbage cans, & Coffee Cups at keegans

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– Our Rubber tree Bathed in bright morning sunlight
– Coffee Cups and such at Keegan’s
– Paint brushes and paint on Paint stool
– Pictures of paintings
– Pictures of Cityscape Daytime. (downtown)
– Pictures of Snow covered Garbage can, Bench, and Tree Taken from Saskatchewan Drive.

Well today was the first day of History 294

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Well today was the first day of History 294, and although I am slightly disappointed that we will not be covering the 20th century, I am excited about the material that we will cover. Nothing much really happened today, I was able to make the server operate by simply using older drivers for the device. OLDER drivers crazy really. I am sitting here at Keegan’s having a coffee and a cola wondering what it is that I should do :) so with the lack of any thing else to write I am spewing out shit here

Well I am sitting here in the Library

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Well I am sitting here in the Library of my school whiling the hours away till my next class. I really am hoping that I can keep this Diary thing going and everything. I wish that Blogger had a post method that would let me choose the date, but alas it doesn’t. I spent the better part of the day at Mike & Michelle’s place yesterday. It was the first ever “design party” as mike likes to call it. I brought over my machine and we fucked around in Photoshop for the better part of the day. About 5ish I grabbed Miranda and we all went to Boston Pizza by Capalino Mall for supper. We went to Capalino because mike had to pick up a computer case from Les’s Parents place. The food wasn’t as good as I would have liked but I was so hungry that I didn’t complain :). After we finished eating, we went back to mikes place where Miranda and Michelle watched a movie while mike and I fucked about downstairs some more.
I started a book yesterday. It will be a book of Photography that I will make and print and then Miranda will bind. I think that it would be really neat to do but it will take a really long time to get all the data together and done.
I received my English midterm back today with a mark of 65% which is a C letter grade. Well I guess that is all for now :)

Well I have talked to my student advisor

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Well I have talked to my student advisor about some of the things that I needed to know. For example am I in the arts transfer program automatically next year. Or do I need to do something funny :) You know stuff like that. He figures that I should just suck it up and go to the U of A and be done with it, but he doesn’t know if GMC will have Degree granting status then. So really it was just kinda useless all around. But what can you do this is the unwritten future that we are talking about. I am really tired today, because I was up till the wee hours of the morning working on my server trying to get it to work.  You see I got this new main board from Mike that has 2 regular IDE channels and 2 UDMA66 IDE channels. So the wonderful part about this is that I should be able to have up to eight devices hooked in. Sooo that would mean three to five hard drives, a LS120, and two CD-ROM’s. All in all that would be sweet, but the kicker is this. Every time I have anything plugged in to the UDMA66 channels the system freezes on startup. If I uninstall the drivers it will boot, but the minute that there is a device on the channel and the drivers are installed it freezes on boot. So I am like well it looks like there is something wrong with the install of windows. So I make an image of the drive so I have something to comeback to, and I get ready to do a fresh install. So I boot with the CD and I press F6 to install third party controller drivers, and windows setup begins to start and it freezes, so I am like well as if this isn’t a kick in the pants. I had to go to school so I am not really sure what to do next other then update the BIOS. 

A drive to AthaB

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Camera: Olympus D550
Aperture: 3.2
Shutter: 1/200
ISO: 60
Date Taken: Jan.02.2003


Camera: Olympus D550
Aperture: 4.4
Shutter: 1/100
ISO: 134
Date Taken: Jan.02.2003

Day 11 So after a

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Day 11

So after a few failed attempts to get everybody together over the last week we
have gotten together this eve and had an extremely productive session. I have
cast half the roles tonight

Maya is Cathy,
Martian is Tony,
Tammy is Judy,
Andrew is Bill,
Daniela is Lucy.

Andrew has also said the he may be able to acquire us an elevator for a weekend
which is very cool

It seams that we are starting to get the ball rolling, as people are starting to
get excited. I was worried about peoples levels of commitment at first but now
it looks as thought everybody is getting really excited and jumping in with
suggestions, and willing to stay late. The group is also getting a bit tighter
and far more accepting. In fact I was surprised to see that when I showed up 5
min late for today’s meeting that they were all there waiting and talking
amongst themselves. This is a good thing :) In fact martin who had never met any
of the crew was already introduced and chatting amongst them. It is good to see
that initial bonding, and that they are working well together as well.

So we have started to discuss characters and the life that they lead. I am for
some reason having a hard time relaying my character visions to the cast, It may
be the pure number and diversity of characters that we have to deal with I am
not sure but I am having a much harder time then with Emily for example. I am
sure that it will all come together though. I am very excited about the entire
project and can’t wait to get into things. I am going to start filming the brain
storming sessions we have and keep it for a making of type film LOL the extended
features of the DVD perhaps. I am also going to start working with Maya on some
story boards and such.

Daniela, Maya, Martian, and I are meeting this Friday to begin the long and
tedious process of Character development. I really have to get the shit together
for this as well.

However, I am quite tired and ready for bed so I will sign off with this my
incoherent rant of sorts.

Day 3 DOTP Last night

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Day 3 DOTP
Last night I went to the fava Monday night club, ended up being the camera man for the evening. I had a great time taking direction from another director and well basically keeping my mouth shut. I also got to see everbody act a little bit which was cool for I acually talked to this actor named andrew after we went for coffee with danelia and discussed the Destiny script. he sounded very interested & totally into what we are doing and is excited in coming out. We are gettingt together on wendesday eve with the group for coffee. there should be about 7 of us that night so we are getting really big as a group. I am also meeting with Martian on wednesday afternoon.

So today we filmed some

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So today we filmed some extra scenes to the Crazy artist script. Daniela and I went out this morning and film some of the montage scenes that are all HEY LOOK I HAVE INSPEARTION … :)
Day 2 DOTP
We also talked a little bit about ‘DOTP script she sounds really excited about it. I have thought about the different location that we may need to do this Flick and I feel that the Black dog and Keegans would be the best bet for the locations that are in public establishments as per the script. The hardest thing about this film will be do we make an elevator in our living room for the Elevator scenes or do we suck up to a building manager and get them to close down an elevator while we film. I am thinking that the making of a replica will be the best because then we have complete and utter control over the setting and we have no funky issues with lighting or anything. Miranda disagrees with me and says that we should get a real elevator and have it stopped and film. I think we will choice the creation method. I have no idea as of yet who I will begin to think about casting in what position as it stands but that will all come in time. I secretly would love to have this film in the can by March and be well ready to take on The 3 friends and a funeral script or start the Art Film. May be pushing it really I don’t know :)

Tomorrow I meet with Heidi in the afternoon to see what’s up and if she would like to join our team :)

Any way the director need s sleep cause the director is sick and the director needs to get his ass in gear cause there is lots of people counting on what he does :)

Day 1 DOTP So today

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Day 1 DOTP
So today Miranda and I spent the morning sitting down and Reading the “Its Destiny on the Phone’ Script. I have decided that I would Like to do this one. We sat and discussed the different things that we need to figure out and such !

Today is the beginning of the Movie


So here I am in

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So here I am in school in class waiting for the class to start. I found the best free music site last night, it has all these great songs that are totally free to use. Some of the songs are really good although other are really bad 80’s music. So the doors have been thrown wide open when it comes to the creative use of music in films. I also have put an ad at Indecline asking for some music and I have been getting some response from that. All is good that way. We have been rocking on the films lately, in fact I am meeting like 6 people tonight. So we will see what comes from that :)

Anyway I should be paying attention to the Prof now :)

Well Class was good today.

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Well Class was good today. We talked about the social control Theory which is a whole lot a complicated stuff. Tomorrow we have a guest lecture and then two more classes after that and we have the Final :) So I am thinking about looking at the script that I had started writing again. I need to finish it by Oct that has always been the goal date that I had thought was a bit to long. But guess what here we are half way through Aug and I haven’t done a thing on it :) Well Maybe next week :)

So I like love Fire wire :) I transferred the Whole project to the laptop and I was working on it in my breaks in class today It is basically finished I think I just need to go over everything with a fine tooth comb. Making sure that the cuts are perfect and the sound is good. Could take a little bit of work. Then I am going to look at Emily again. I just cant seem to believe that it is as good as Miranda says it is. I don’t really know how to look at this project objectively other then just doing it all text book. And that is what I think I will do. Anywho I am to be studying right now.

So yesterday, Marcel Came over

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So yesterday, Marcel Came over he seems like an all right guy. A little less pretentious then most filmmakers that I have been dealing with. :) So anyway we talked about the film that he would like edited and the stuff that he needs to do like work dubs ETC.. He may be coming over soon to start editing. I will most likley make about 600ish bux out of the deal. So Miranda and I sat down after he left and basically finished a film that I had been working on before I got dreads. It is really cool and I really like it. It still needs a lot of work but its looking ok. I am the biggest critic of anything I do so I kind of have a hard time thinking that it is fabulous like Miranda says it is. :) But hey what can you do:)

Monday August 12 2002 12

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Monday August 12 2002 12 – 3 pm

So Here I am in class and we are talking about Spit. Odd I am for a reminder in my crim class Odd I am sure that there is a point ahhh there is it is – Spit is gross = Socially constructed Odd. So anyway, I answered an email from Lindsey at FAVA about a guy that is looking for a Digital Editor and/or suite. So I fired an email to him and got a call back the same day. He sounds like this sorta odd guy I am not really sure what to expect from him. However, irregardless the guy is going to pay me money and I mean real money to edit video. Well I am not sure of all the details he is going to come over tonight at around 5 pm and we will talk about what his needs are. Should be cool. Miranda and I have totally cleaned our Kitchen/art room and living room. It is so very cool. There is like nothing in our living room except our futon and Miranda’s desk. The track lighting is in on the walls in each side of our living room with three lights on each string, there are pointed on the wall at the paintings that we are hoping to place on the wall. I have also been drawing all the time, just drawing parts of our house including our kitchen and living room and the painting easel with the drawing on the easel with the drawing easel etc…. I also drew this neat pic of a fist using pastels and charcoal on drawing paper. I will post a pic of of it up soon. In fact I will have most of my work up here soon. Ahhh we are going over our tests now and she (Prof) is making up read one of our answers out loud I really hate that I hope that she won’t choose me. I didn’t do as good on this exam as I did last time. I only got 67.7% Unlike the 78 that I got on the last one. Wow I made it all the way through the test review and I didn’t have to read out loud. Man oh man there are these two whinny chicks in the class and they are all whoa is me they are making our program stay at Millwood’s and blaa blaa and there is like no support and nobody to sit there for hours and listen to me wine about bullshit. Man I wonder how long they last in any other school. Like the UofA or the UBC you know a real school that isn’t there to hold your hand and your education is in your own hands YOUR HANDS. People are just so goddamn apathetic and lazy you know that. Like today they are all asking the Prof can you out line what exactly I should know for the final cause I don’t want to read the 138 pages in one of the chapters. Oh ok the break is over now so Id better pay attention :)

Oh she has given us all the notes on a hand out so I just have to pay attention, which I guess if I am writing here I am not Paying attention. :)

Man it is cold in here today. I am just sitting here freezing to death. In about twenty minutes, I am going to become an ice cube I assure you. My typing is getting slower and the spelling is getting worse. Ahh Break time, time to get a new coffee to warm my ass up. So I am going to try to write to this more often I have been really bad at keeping up with it lately. As you can see since we got back from vacation, I have been a real slack assed blogger. So, I will get back into the swing of things again and write more often, which is something that I say all the time but I have been quite good at it.

Well this week has been

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Well this week has been a little bit in the busy side of things I have been in my Crim course and man oh man this three week course bs is a little on the rough side. Its not that I have been really busy doing that but I guess that it is occupying a great deal of my day. :) Miranda and I have give up on the loft idea and have decided to make our apartment the coolest place ever. We went to Ikea and spent a whack O cash on lights and other such shit. We will when we finish this weekend have an art gallery house that has all the cool lighting and all that jazz. We have taken almost everything out of the living room except the Futon and Miranda’s desk and we are going to put particular painting in the walls and such. In fact Miranda is going to do an installation :)

We are off to my mothers this Saturday for her birthday so that should be all cool and everything. I don’t really know if Miranda is coming or if I am
going by my self but it will be a fun drive and everything. Other then that I am in my Crim class right now and I have just finished the second test
with time left over and all this is the what I do with it:) I dropped a whole whack of printing off at Staples to get done so that is all fun it should be
really fun to get them all back. I am giving one to mom for her birthday and since I am spending the 6 bux I might as well print a shit load. I am thinking about re-doing Fragile works again so it is more user friendly :) In fact I am going to work on that right now.

So I am sitting in

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So I am sitting in my Crim class right now, we are discussing what is deviant behavior and who is to define such things. Fun stuff really :) Well it is a break right now so I thought that I would write a quick blurb to say I did. So I finally got the Website content from HIV Edmonton so I will start that soon .. Oh the lecture is starting again….

Well today I didn’t get

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Well today I didn’t get much done really with the exception of a little cleaning around th house. I called around all morning looking for Lofts for us to rent. So after a complex morning of phone calls and people that didn’t really sound like they knew what they were talking about, I found a number for a place that is a rental loft type place. So we went and looked at it and it was kind of the sort of thing that we were looking for, Brick walls, high beam ceilings hardwood floors, it was just that some one lost the other 1000 square feet of it. It was like 150 square feet. There would hardly be room for a bed in the place. It was I think in fact taller then it was wide. So ya. Then we went over to Jen’s place and had dinner and such. Now I am home with so much stuff to do :)
Well bye for now

Todays Song is the Weakerthans With the song Confessions of a futon revolutionist