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So we are now another two weeks in and where are we? Well we do have an idea and a plan. It is an ambitious plan but not ambitious plans are rarely as much fun :)

The Film noir project is on hold right now.

Things where getting a little bit big and slightly more complicated then our first production needed to be. All of the scripts were turning into much larger productions that don’t necessarily let themselves well to a “first” movie.

While we are Totally in love with the concept and we are very excited about filming our ideas, I feel like we just need to get something out to get the ball rolling and learn what we need to from it first.

Which brings us to the….

My Rode Reel Contest!

My Rode Reel is a contest that is run every year that I just learned about this week. The deadline is very very close but I think we can make it happen. Our idea is simple and are working title is

“How do you fence a parrot”

Last night we at a roundtable and hash out the details and I typed it up late into night so the rough script is here!!

Now we have a meager 19 days to plan shoot and edit this short with what is turning out to be many locations!!


That sounds like loads of time right?

Why? you may be asking yourself are we trying to complete this on such a short deadline and not just doing something else? It’s not because of the contest has a deadline, it is that the contest gives us a short deadline.

To light a fire under our butts, to get our ducks in a row or is my colourful mother would say to simply get our shit together.

“New Camera.”

What else is new well we happened through circumstance and craigslist get our hands on A fantastic used Black Magic Cinema Camera. It is the EF mount 2.5 K version and it is brilliant. I am using my Nikon lenses on it via Keewee EF to Nikon G adapter.
It shoots raw and after the firmware update shoots like a half dozen different versions of ProRes.


The abilities to manipulate the footage after-the-fact when shooting raw is amazing as that is how my workflow works as a photographer. However the whole Color grading your raw footage is a skill set that is quite a bit different than what I’m used to as a photographer. There will be a large learning curve and not to mention A lot of data so I think we will stick to some of the prores Versions until I can get a good handle on Raw.

This camera gets a lot of flack for not being user-friendly like a digital SLR I’m not doing everything out-of-the-box. Sound recording should be done to an external device the built-in LCD screen is hard to see blah blah blah blah. I find it great because it doesn’t one thing extremely well raw 2.5 K video with 13 stops of dynamic range. Just got it the day before yesterday I am still learning some of it’s quirks but that’s far I’m in love.

Plus it came with all the assessories like extra battery packs cage that make it pretty useable!

So there we have our update on what’s happening what we really need now are people are you people I think that we need you I think we need you you should contact us we need people people are awesome…..

I Want To Be A FIlmmaker – April.24.2015

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Here we are Part two of the ‘Want to be a filmmaker’ series! Yup it has been 2 weeks since my grandiose declaration and where are we? Well I am sick :) Seriously I swear the moment that I hit publish on that video I got stupid ill and here we are a full 2 weeks later and I am just getting now over it. However that is not to say that we haven’t made progress starting with the story…

Film Noir!

That brilliantly dark time in American cinema with it’s fancy french name. I love Film Noir! I love almost everything about it. but being a visual person what I love the most about film noir is it’s tradition of visual storytelling. I love the fact that this story can be told completely through the blocking of the actors and the angle of the camera. You can turn the sound off on any good film noir and still completely follow the story.

So that will be our first project a mini film noir. I have been researching stories of the day that have now fallen into creative Commons. As well I have some ideas that could be easily adapted into I film noir script.

The Great Gear Gathering!

Second up, I have gathered together all of the equipment that I have been how fast collecting for years, and piece together what we will use to film. Starting with the camera.

The main camera we will use will be my Nikon D610 with that wide variety of lenses that I already have and use as a professional photographer.

To keep the camera movements steady I have a couple of different things to help out starting with this Shoulder mount camera rig that I have had for a few years now. It is made by Cavison (who side note have them most awesome old school website still in existence on the internet seriously it is straight from the era of geocities) and It is great at adding some substance to smaller lighter DSLR cameras.

Second is this Dolly/track system from Glide gear. It is super inexpensive and with the extension add on we can do about a 16 feet of camera moment. Either Side to side or track in or out.

As well I have purchased the glide gear 4 foot quick jib. It is a mini jib that will get you 4 feet of elevation of the top of your tripod. Jibs are great for establishing shots as well as just getting your camera up in to areas that would be hard to reach.

Now our DLSR setup is a little on the heavy side for this jib at it’s full extension but it is perfect if you reel it in to about 3 feet or so. and of course you can stick your tripod with the jib on it onto your dolly and combine these movements really really easily as well.


For filming mic’s I have a couple of shotgun microphones from rode as well as an audio technica wireless lav mic which I am using right now. which should get us through until we need something more specific. That said when it comes to microphones I have a ridiculous variety of awesome microphones mainly for recording music but I am sure that we can always find a use for them.

to record sound I have been using my battered Zoom H4n which I’ve had for years but I fear that this unit is on it’s last legs. (Seriously this thing has seen a lot of use over the years but I fear its years are over, the onboard mics are broken there is a loud hiss on one channel if you don’t slap it, you can’t use one of the XLR plugs)

So rather then buy the next Zoom H5/h6 for 4-5 hundred dollars we have replaced it when the much more economical Tascam 70D. (i got a bundle sale from B&H for 2 hundred and 20) Thus far it is quite brilliant. I hope to do an in-depth video into this in the future.

Last is light!

I do have a few smaller LED lights and video lights that I have used in our photography studio but they aren’t necessarily the greatest to light an entire scene.  I also already have a couple of studio strobes with softboxes and the like that I can just add in a brighter modelling light into and use as is.

However, I am really in love with these clamp lights!


They are super cheap and you can stick em anywhere, and if you mix these with a couple of cheaper inline dimmer switches you are good to go.

Dimmer Switch

Particularly because we are thinking about the harsh light & shadow of a film noir using these undiffused is perfect! You can of course blast them though a diffusing panel like this one or bounce them off a white the ceiling to soften them up as well. You can also double up your light brightness by adding in one of these Y’s just remember to not exceed the rating of the light socket that you are sticking it in. The last DIY light I have are these 500watt halogen work lights that you can get for under twenty dollars from your local hardware store. They are stupid bright!

So this is what we have to work with and I hope to do amazing things with it. Do YOU want to do amazing things as well? Let’s make films together!! We need a small but dedicated army. Actors, crew, anyone interested in helping out and being part of something awesome. In Vancouver Want to know more, get involved, or just follow along?

Click here!!!

My Hood In the Dark!

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One of the best parts of the Nikon DF is it’s low light abilities. I haven’t compared the low light capabilities of the Df against other Nikon cameras by any means, and I do plan on doing that some time soon, but the fact remains that all the current line of Nikon Full Frame cameras are light years (excuse the bad semi pun) ahead of 3, 5, or even 10 years ago.

I don’t want to sound like some old timer talking about the good old days, but back then there was little difference in Film and Digital. I recall My trusted Canon 1Ds Mark II’s highest reliable ISO was 800 and you could use ISO 1600 if the exposure was bang on and in then usually only in a pinch. Now days I will set my camera on 800 almost as a default walk around ISO allowing for high shutter speeds in all situations :)

_DSC7347---January-21,-2015 _JER0039---February-25,-2015  _JER9694---February-18,-2015

Vancouver Camera Show And Swap Meet

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And by April the 28th they really mean April the 26th!


Vancouver Camera Show and Swap Meet

Sponsored by the Western Canada Photographic Historical Association
Vancouver’s original and Canada’s largest camera show with

Tables available at $50 each – More stuff, more people, better prices

Next show: Sunday, April 26, 2015!

Location: CAMERON RECREATION CENTER 9523 Cameron Street, Burnaby (next to Lougheed Mall)

FREE PARKING – Limited free parking at the centre and on-street, more spaces across the street in the mall lot

1000’s of digital, modern, collectible and antique cameras. Lenses, filters, tripods, flashes, film, batteries, memory, bags and projectors. Anything to do with cameras may be available!

Early birds – 9:00 AM- $15 (until 10:00 AM)
Regular Adult admission- 10:00 AM to 4 PM $5.00
Young adults and children (14 and under)- free with paid adult admission

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I Used To Shoot Fashion – Throwback Sunday

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Part of my series of photos looking at my photographic past. This is a photo session I did on this date nine years ago! 2006 was our first year here in Vancouver and we were living in the the same building that we are now, only we were renting our space and hadn’t yet moved to the heart of Gastown.

Chelsea-Oldham---022 Chelsea-Oldham---029 Chelsea-Oldham---052 Chelsea-Oldham---057 Chelsea-Oldham---083 Chelsea-Oldham---094 Chelsea-Oldham---108 Chelsea-Oldham---160 Chelsea-Oldham---181 Chelsea-Oldham---189 Chelsea-Oldham---246 Chelsea-Oldham---269

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4X5 Polaroid With with Abigail

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This is a polaroid from my last quick film session with Abigail! I have a couple of rolls to develop with this session and a few more 4×5 Black and white shots to do but being that Polaroid is the “instant Film” this is what we see first!

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First Saturday

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You have plans on Saturday, with me!

Put it in your calendar now before you forget…

Hello! For the first time ever I’m participating in First Saturday Open Studios, and it would be awesome if you could come check it out. It’s all going down this Saturday February 7th, noon – 5pm at our studio, 25 Gore Ave. First Saturday is an opportunity to visit artists in their studios (much like East Side Culture Crawl, only it’s happening this coming weekend and is a little more low key!).  I’ll also be joined by the ever talented Rachael Ashe. Rachael is a visual artist who works in paper cutting, mixed media altered books, and photography. Her work is amazing and she will be joining me at the studio for the afternoon.
Come say hello, check out some art, and feel cultured this Saturday. Bring a friend! See you then!
First Saturday
Date: Saturday February 7th, 2015
Time: Noon until 5:00pm
Where: The Loft Vancouver – 25 Gore Avenue
Details & full list of participating artists: www.firstsaturday.ca

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First Saturday!

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For the first time ever I will be participating in First Saturday  onSaturday the 7th of February.

For those not in the know First Saturday is an opportunity to visit artists in their studios. Much like East Side Culture Crawl only It happens every month and is a little more low key. This month will be our first time participating and we will be sharing our studio with the ever talented Rachael Ashe.
Rachael is a visual artist who works in paper cutting, mixed media altered books and photography. Her work is amazing and she will be joining us at our studio for the afternoon.

So come and visit us at 25 Gore Ave, ask questions, learn more about our upcoming photo workshops.

For more details about First Saturday and to browse the full list of participating artists visit the website » firstsaturday.ca

First Saturday

Date: Saturday February 7th, 2015
Time: Noon until 5:00pm
Where: The Loft Vancouver – 25 Gore Avenue.

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Picking On Complete Strangers – Walk to Costco

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Today Mr. Danger & I went for a quick wander to Costco to get groceries. Which I think is kind of hilarious because just ‘a few’ groceries from costco will result in a very full stroller. Corbin didn’t actually have to cuddle all the way home with an ECONO box of cereal but it was touch and go there for a bit.





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