PolkaDot Rocket Halloween Sketch!

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A short film about Halloween Parties, Love, birthday presents, and that age old question! Filmed in the rain here in Railtown Vancouver!

Credits – In order of appearance
Laura Auffray – Demon
Riley Soleway – Mad hatter
Winter Mason Van Halteren – Waldo
Jasmine Mente-Cammarano – Biker
Georgia Johnson – Witch
David Saint-Germain – Playboy Bunny
Donald Auger – Horse
Spencer Teeter – Ninja
Anna Reisher – Angel with Hammer.
Allie Pev – Hulk
Karim Ait Hmid – The Chicken
Scott Mason – Rocker
Dan Jury – Bouncer in white
Fumi Jury – Bouncer in Black
Sean Mahaffey – The Egg

Reilly Lievers – Camera
Shona Fraser – Sound
Daniel Johnson – Child Wrangler / Special Effect lighting.

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The Day…

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Random poem in the window of a shop under construction.

the day
will be what
you make of it,
so ride,
like the sun,
and burn

Filmmaker update – October.19.2015

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Wow It has been a busy couple weeks! What have we done?

Art Film
Art Film is trucking along! Script writing can be complicated :)

While we put the finishing touches on art film, we pulled out a secondary longer film script. Blew the dust off, thought about it, and did some auditions! I am constantly amazed by he shear amount of talent here in this city! SERIOUSLY! All said we had a large number of folks come in and read for us and they were all pretty much amazing. Which makes our choices hard! but we will let folks know very soon!

Halloween Short
We filmed a quick short we are calling ‘First’ just in time for Halloween! You can watch it here! The amazing part about this was that we had an idea and hashed it out via facebook chat and then people showed up and we filmed it! That was it! Super quick and awesome. It was raining on the planned film night but we waited till the magical moment that the trains stopped making noise and the rain slowed down and filmed within then. People were Awesome!! as evident by this BTS cut.

What Would Jesues DO?
WWJ’sD is very nearly edited we are just seeking some outside help with the effects and cleaning up the sound. While that is happing Noah tossed together the Behind the scenes footage that we have in to this awesome cut of shenanigans. Teleporter We started filming on our short tele-porter and have basically everything we need for that except an awesome road trip! We were going to film all the scenes that required the road-tripping but on road trip day all the traffic cameras and weather reports said RAIN and rain and cardboard are not super great friends…. so we did what we could local and in my living room and we will road trip another day!

Unit One
Was invited to be submitted to a local filmFest so we will see what becomes of that!

Just a quick idea that I had that could fill in the space between. We had a script read planned and well works schedules intervened at the last moment so rather then do nothing we meet at a train station and started work on this. Completely run and gun here. there is no script just an idea and a crowded train :) more to come.

The Bridge.
The Bridge has been blocked and run though Just need a film day We had tentatively chosen last Friday and Sat for filming that but work schedules and the like means we need to push it forward again. Hopefully soon as the weather is going to increasing be a factor against us and I really Really wanna get it filmed. While in Alberta for thanksgiviner I started trying out a new storyboard program that “could” be quite amazing. Moviestorm Jury is still out on that but after figuring out the nonsensical controls and working out via trial and error how things like camera movements and people movements work I found it to be potentially quite a useful tool. The best part is it allows you to choose the end apect ratio and lens focal lengths alowing you to show what things will really look like more realistically. It’s suer hella hard to operate and the built in voice is well….

The Logo
We have this lovely Polka dot Rocket Logo animation that we made based on our logo but the ever idea filed Noah had this awesome idea of making it analog like and pretty awesome. so we did it. We spent many hours. at least 1/2 a bag of flour and many newspapers and such pilfered from the buildings recycling bin making all these planets and comets and moons and meteors . then many more hours setting it all up. and then we ran out of time so they stayed hanging in my studio for another week before we had the time again to really film it. Thanks again to all our lovely wives that really wanted to be home in bed rather then throwing handfuls of tinfoil and lighting things on fire. But it is essentially as awesome as it comes and Corbin gets a cool planetary system to hang in his room! an we get one more piece of movie memorabilia to add to our collection.

Other Stuff
I am meeting some folks about helping out with another awesome sounding SciFi project tomorrow morning! as well we are throwing our resources and support behind Allie for her bid of the Crazy 8’s film competition this year. She has a super compelling idea that is really really awesome. So we will be pulling together a pitch video and the like for that. We held some auditions for Infectus so there is fun happening there. Weekly meeting this Wednesday we will teach some folk about the gear and such to make the BTS footage awesome and people can try their hand at filming. We are soliciting ideas from street teams. SO MUCH STUFF!

You could join us for stuff
Check us out on Facebook!
Me on facebook.
We have a website, youtube and twitter!

Join us for these shenanigans in person! Seriously we are always welcoming of new folk and we don’t bite hard i don’t think!

Read though of The Bridge

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So last night Allie, Timothy, and I sat down and we did a read-through of the bridge. I have to say it is unbelievable how much getting people to read through your scripts your perceptions.  Anyway we have head back to the drawing board a little bit and when I say me I really mean Sean WHO IS THE MAN!! We are on track to film on the 12th though :)
The Bridge Read though with Allie & Timothy  The Bridge Read though with Allie & Timothy

I essentially can not wait to film this :)

These are stills from the Black Magic Cinema 2.5K that I shot our read though with. :) Why did we need this in 2.5k raw? We really didn’t :)

I Am Going To Be A Filmmaker!! – August.31.2015 Update – New Script, Scheduling, scouting, Celtx

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Even though we are still editing Don’s Short What would Jesuses Do? We met this past week and started to plan a new short based on a idea that I had many years ago in University while listening to a Death Cab For Cutie song. We started this by first mapping out the idea. I used a mind map software to block out what needs to happen in the order that it should happen but there is nothing to say that you could’t just use old fashioned paper. I then sent it over to Sean (who is still the man when it comes to all things writing) and we chatted about the mood and direction a little bit and together we roughed out an outline script. For our script collaborations we have been using Celtx which is some pretty awesome cloud based script and planning software that has been allowing us to do the writing together. I can have an idea and add it in and Sean can tweak it and send it back or vice versa. The Celtx Studio also includes a number of other tools including story boarding and index cards as well as more advance tools like budgeting and script breakdowns.

What is a Script Breakdown
A script breakdown for us generally happens when the script is locked (meaning complete as we can make it) we go though the script making note of all the technical elements required as well as props and VFX that we will need to make the filming all happen smoothly.

You can also do this by printing your script and highlighting the different parts and sections in different colours. But Celtx tracks these props and what not and can allow you to make reports and print out lists of things you will need for each scene. We haven’t used a lot of these features as of yet as our productions have been small and relatively simple, but I would have loved to have this for when we Filmed ‘Writers Blocked’ as we had a large number of quick scenes that all required there own props and different VFX that we actually quite hard to keep track when filmed one part at a time over the course of a month or so!

Once we have done this I will generally make a shot list as well. This can also be done in celtx but we haven’t utilized it quite yet sticking instead to simple pen & Paper for example when we Filmed Unit One I went though the script line by line and section by section and wrote out each shot we would require from start to end looking at what was happening in the script and determining wether we want a wide shot of them here then close to her here and they close over her shoulder on him etc..

I then took the script and printed it out labeling each scene with a scene number. I grabbed the shot list and reordered each shot based on the setting (all the shots that were upstairs in the Loft were grouped together) labeled them with the appropriate scene number that I just laid out on the script. Now being that you often shoot things out of order depending on peoples availability and how the shot is set up you may have a shot list that contains consecutive shots from multiple scenes.

Again using Unit One as the example, we shot all the shots that happened upstairs all at once. Because we did the same kind of shot with many people we actually set up the shot from Anna’s point of view and shot every one that need to be at that angle. we then reset the camera up facing the other way and shot them all again from the other way. Each one of those was technically from a different scene. So the slate (if we did it correctly that is) would have read 1A for a wide of Sean coming up the stairs 1B for a medium of sean coming up the stairs 1C for the reverse wide 1D for the reverse Medium and 1E the phone insert – 2A for Don and 2B for the reverse 2C for a closer shot and 3A for Andrew coming up the stairs and 3B for the Reverse Etc… So our reordered shot list looked like this

1A-Wide of Sean coming up the stairs
2A-Wide of Don coming up the stairs
3A-Wide of Andrew coming up the stairs
4A-Wide of Spencer coming up the stairs
1B-Medium of Sean coming up the stairs
2B-Medium of Don coming up the stairs
3B-Medium of Andrew coming up the stairs
4B-Medium of Spencer coming up the stairs
1C-Wide Reverse of Sean coming up the stairs
2C-Wide Reverse of Don coming up the stairs
3C-Wide Reverse of Andrew coming up the stairs
4C-Wide Reverse of Spencer coming up the stairs
1E-Medium Reverse of Sean coming up the stairs
2E-Medium Reverse of Don coming up the stairs
3E-Medium Reverse of Andrew coming up the stairs
4E-Medium Reverse of Spencer coming up the stairs

You get the point. Because we had the shot list laid out we could just go down the list and grab everything we needed in as efficient a manner as we could with minimal camera/lighting setups while ensuring that all shots were grabbed.

Back to the new Idea.
Now coming back to the new script idea and last weeks meeting. Sean & I had essentially laid out the framework for the script before hand & brought this to the group to get other opinions and new ideas on motivations. We left Sean and his EMD playlist to do his genius INSERT: VIDEO while we chatted about other new ideas, and by the end of the night he essentially had laid out the better part of the script complete with dialogue and setting. We did a quick read though, sean tweaked the script, and we were able to essentially lock the script by the end of the meeting.

So I am an ambitious guy! Always that descriptor can be pretty much applied to me! I was so excited about this script that I essentially wanted to film it right away! Looking at schedules of people and what not we tentitvly decided that we could attempt the bulk of this over this upcoming Tuesday & Wednesday evenings. Allie, who we cast on the spot, was free and….. well…. this is where we fell into the scheduling nightmare that is a group of talented folks who are all doing many cool things.

Seriously the moment we started working on casting the film, we immediately ran into the issues of scheduling. I spent the better part of Wednesday morning just trying to hash out when people were available, who could act in it, crew it, things like that. All of which led us to realize that we need some sort of scheduling or availability system. Something that we could all put our availability into so at a glance we could say Hey Don, Sean and Allie and Shannon are all available on Tuesday at 3 o’clock we could do something then

The obvious answer is Google Calendar except Google Calendar is great at tracking when you are booked not necessarily when you are free. I mean you can obviously put in an appointment as your availability but we wondered if there was better solutions. We looked at other things like doodle.com which are great if you have a few dates and time that you are proposing! Well looked at other options like basecamp and the like but we haven’t found what works best yet. If folks have suggestions on things to check out let us know in the comments.

All that said we couldn’t come up with a filming time before the 12th of Sept so that should be when you start seeing us chat that up again. We are doing a read though with Allie and Tim tonight so we will have fun with that!

For this short we obviously need a place to film it. I had thought about the river area near the Capilano Fish hatchery but after checking it out it didn’t offer the grandiose bridge shot that we were looking for! so Corbin & did some more scouting.

Other New projects
We also have a couple of new scripts from Don that are pretty awesome! The one would be a slightly complicated production, requiring a room of well dressed intellectuals and disappearing architectural features. So that might be out of our range right now! Noah has come up with a great idea about pissing people off for a bite of a whopper that I would love to explore this week. I have another idea

Where are we with the Other projects
The Pretentious Art Film is still tucking along! Sean & I are close to nailing out the rough script. We read though what we have with the every lovely Abigail last week and I am liking where this is going! If all goes to plan we should be able to start filming in the early fall. We started designing the sets and the props for the main Apartment

Post Filmmaker Meeting Update – August 25 2015

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Alright here we go! The Rough 1st Draft of the Script – https://www.dropbox.com/s/hiahf3rxcplaoi4/The%20Bridge.pdf?dl=0

The song it was based on – https://www.dropbox.com/s/zi79h1vz61ggrp1/01%20Bixby%20Canyon%20Bridge.mp3?dl=0

The thought is to film next week on Tuesday / Wednesday We are thinking that Allie would play the woman and that Andrew would play Patrick. But Andrew is out of town so we may look at Allie’s actor friend (also named Andrew) or Scott for the part!

Also It is occurring to me that I may end up being a huge bottleneck to the whole editing process if the editing lives solely with me so does anybody have any editing skills?

Going To Be A Filmmaker!! – August.23rd – What would Jebuseses Do, ADR, Renting Gear! BTS

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So it has been a week or so since we last chatted here in our little chat box screen thing, and it has been a busy busy week. On Monday we all met here and worked out a plan for filming Don’s idea for a short. So basically We broke the script down, did a read through, discovered where we wanted to do our VFX. Assigned the gathering of props for people to bring. We also made it down to our woodshop to scrounge through the scrap bin for sacrilege.
And Wednesday was the filming day, but more on that in a moment! First though I’ve had some folks ask me about about the gear we use and about gear rentals.
Gear & Gear Rentals
We have a modest but really awesome filmmaker kit with a Black Magic Cinema 2.5k that I got used on craigslist, as well as an assortment of jibs and rails tripods etc.. Lighting is something that I will get into in a later conversation but basically what i am saying is that sometimes you need to rent gear, and when you rent that gear you probably should think about getting it insured! I personally have a very expensive business policy that covers us in the event of an loss/theft/breakage etc but you might not be so lucky. So you can use GearPolicy.ca  They are a Canadian insurer and they are super easy to use. And they will give you an insurance certificate for your rental house so you don’t have to jam a huge deposit on your Credit Card. To work it you simply choose your rental house from the list, say how much you are insuring, how long you are getting the rental for and where it will be stored and before you can say Bob is your Uncle they will tell you how much money to give them. Simple right!? I have played around changing the amount of money and the rental time periods and it always seems to give me the same cost of $98.70. So essentially for a hundred bux you can insure your rental gear for the duration of your shoot. Now that might seem like a lot of money but if you are renting lets say a ronin, and a Black magic 4k for the weekend and you manage to drop them both in the ocean or you were robbed at gunpoint by a Clown in a pink unitard, You personally would be on the hook for about $8500 dollars. that is um. a lot of money in case you didn’t know! Not to mention that not every indie film maker has room for an $8500 deposit available on a visa to do the rental in the first place. So when you are working out those budgets I can’t highly recommend something like this enough. 

We last we talked we told you about a scene we filmed in my truck. I also mentioned that we weren’t able to get the greatest audio in the vehicle. Some folks pointed out that the issue might have been mic placement to which I say Yup That’s it! That is what was wrong with that! Essentially we couldn’t fit the Mic and Zeppelin in the front with out Obstructing Sean’s driving even more then we already had or without it being in the shot. I probably could have fit the bare mic somewhere up there fine but I have taken our truck down to many narrow logging roads and bush trails to ever be abale to shoot though those side windows. They are scratched to hell :)  Which meant that the window had to be open a little to fit the camera though which meant I had to keep the zeppelin on the mic for the added wind noise which basically meant that I couldn’t fit it anywhere in the front. My initial solution was to use my my lav mic on each of the actors and then supplement that with what could get from my Rode mic pointed from the back seat. But on film day my Lav mic developed a loose connection at the 1/8in end so it was filled with cracking and loud pops unless it was held perfectly. I will have to take a soldering iron to it but i couldn’t really do that on the side of the road so we did the best we could with the Rode/Zeppelin combo and while it isn’t bad but I thought we could do better.

Basically Shannon and Sean came over one afternoon and we popped down into the Recording Studio and quickly set up a microphone. The microphone I was using is an AT4050 with a Prim-acoustic Vox Guard. All of which I have from my many musical adventures. That said I could have used our regular rode NTG1 microphone with any thick blanket hanging over something to soften reflections. There is a whole professional ADR System involving prompts and beeps and queue’s but I don’t know much about that we just hooked up the Laptop to the mixer via Firewire and brought the video up and they just clicked and spoke clicked and spoke till they felt it was good recording it all as one long take and them matching it up after. Bringing the audio into Premiere  you could roughly line up the waveforms visually and then adjust as needed with both audio tracks playing until they sounded like one track. If you are having trouble lining everything up because you are locked to moving a whole frame you can hide your audio units by right clicking the time line and unchecking Show Audio Time Units. this will allow you to move and adjust your audio in milliseconds as opposed to full frames. Doing that we get this. – Awful right? We we haven’t added our room yet – and we haven’t added the specific sounds from the Truck like the window rolling down and up the glove compartment opening that sort of thing. Adding these elements will help sell the shots. Right now it is odd looking & sounding. But not bad for the first try! 
Filming a new short
as said at the start This past Wednesday we filmed Don’s idea for a short project – What would Jesuses do?  This was a simple shoot all one room all one scene that we could shoot fairly quickly and easily. Folks got here about 5 PM and started the making costumes and props. While I set up the main camera. We actually didn’t start rolling film until around 8 PM but we had it in the can at shortly after midnight. Thank you again to everyone who stayed much later than we had anticipated we needed to. I think you will be excited with the outcome of all of your hard work. We will get to that in the upcoming weeks as we edit it but what I want to talk about today is our BTS footage.  We basically planned and setup our BTS footage to be as important as the main filming and I am so glad that we did. We managed to capture some fun moments but I didn’t see or know about until I was looking at the footage at 3 AM :)
So Look forward to seeing that but in the meantime as per the tradition enjoy our resident clapper loader Dan and his antics throughout!

That is pretty much the week!  we are meeting again tomorrow to talk about it what projects we want to do next. The script writing for art film is trucking along at a really good pace. I am super excited with where this idea is going Sean is the man who is going above and beyond to make that happen. I also resurrected another idea that I had at the end of the last century and we started some work on that as well. We are also super excited to welcome a few new members to our group who are coming out tomorrow and are super excited & all GunHo to join us in our ridiculousness. It should make for a fun group and I am so Excited to see what we come up with. Would you like to be part of our fun group I say this every time but seriously you don’t have to be an actor you don’t have to have any knowledge of any of it most of us don’t. If you just want to be creative and have fun with a great group of folk join us seriously join us I can’t say this enough we want your ideas your import your creative . It is a lot of fun and you can give us as much or as little time as you like. Are you an actor that wants to try your hand at writing join us are you a writer that wants to try your hand at acting join us are you a director wants to try your hand at cinematography join us are you a janitor who wants to join us click here here for more dan clapping it up.

I Am Going to Be a Filmmaker – August.11.2015 – Our Truck Is Loud – Unit One is up

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At the end of the last update we hadn’t yet screened our 48 hour run ‘n’ gun film unit one! Yet The Gala this past weekend was an amazing night thank you again to all of the folks at “This is a spoon productions!” You did an amazing job we can’t wait for next year! For those that haven’t Seen unit one click here! to check that out. We also had a brainstorming meeting where we all sat down and worked out what our next production is going to be. As I said before this a great group of folks to work with and we want to take advantage of all the amazing talent we have here to do really Really awesome things. While the details are kind of a surprise! The plan is to start filming over the next few months a number of shorts that are loosely connected around a single idea that I had at the end of the LAST CENTURY. That is the Basic plan without giving away too many details and ruining it all for you.

The plan is to be shooting as we’re writing and taking on some of the more complicated parts filmmaking that we haven’t necessarily done before. That way we can learn some great things without having to worry about impossible deadlines and as well with the ability to redo it if it all goes horribly wrong! and then know that we can do it so then we can plan around what we know can be done. To that End last night we started shooting our first Short script that we are calling Max and Sarah – Its a warning title. This shoot involved rigging our truck for filming people while they are driving. Now normally you would put the truck on a trailer and drag it around behind another truck with the film crew on the trailer to film it. But we only had one truck, we don’t have a trailer and our film crew was me & Noah who was there to shoot the behind-the-scenes. So we instead did this! Seriously while it looks like Gross hack job or a sick eruption of plaid that is just missing the duct tape, the camera was really secure and stable as relative to the truck, and that is all you really need to get smooth vehicle footage is have that camera as rock solid to the vehicle as you can. That was if the Car bounces around the camera is bouncing the exact same way. To be fair this means you are locking off your camera but really I don’t think that a slider/dolly rig would add much to this shot anyway :) Rigging it this way also meant we had to shoot with the window open mostly because my Windows are all scratched up and you can’t really shoot cleanly through them and I didn’t want to go super wide wide to be able to put the camera in the truck so the truck window was slightly open. This brings our next film maker challenge! ADR!! Yeah something I have never done before. I’ve always tried very very hard to get the sound live on set in a usable manner which we also tried to do here but on reviewing it i have come to the conclusion that I have a loud truck.
Now this sound is usable but because this is short and we have time equipment and manpower we are going to give ADR a try. This is a perfect scene to do this with as Shannon and Sean were basically bang on delivering their lines the excaxt same way each time as it was. We will try that late this week and let you know how it goes. For filming this scene we needed a lonely section of road that we could drive over and over and over so we could do take after take of one actor and then change the rig and take after take of the other actor. We choose Waterfront road behind our studio. It is a lovely hunk of road with all the things we needed. Places to pull over in case we need to stop, no large trees or buildings to make for even consistent lighting, and colourful interesting backdrops. What we didn’t have however was a permit. Waterfront road is as we found out part of the port authority, and they need you to get a permit & permission (which the gentlemen said they most likely wouldn’t give to us) So while we got the main dialogue 90% done, we didn’t get everything that we needed (things like closeups & inserts or Establishing/closing shots) we will have to find a similar location and see if we can cut these in with out issue.

I Am Going To Be A Filmmaker! – July Update – Slate Cut – 48 hour Run ‘n’ Gun – Holding Auditions!!

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Hey guys Riley a.k.a. jerkwithacamera here with a I want to be a filmmaker update. It has been a while since I have done an update but that is because we have been busy! We have filmed most of writers block. We have just one scene left but ran into troubles trying to light it in the wilderness from a small 150 W inverter at a truck :) In the meantime you can check out this funny slate cut which features the silly antics of Daniel and Noah throughout the shoot. We also have been working quite steadily on a script that I wrote in 2000 2001 we have cast my friend Abigail S the main female character and we are currently holding auditions for the lead male!

We also this past weekend we participated in Vancouver’s version of the run&gun 48 hour film competition. For those not in the know the running done 48 hour film competition is a competition in which teams have exactly 48 hours to write script cast film and edit a five minute or less short. To keep it real they give you three mystery elements at the very start of the competition that need to be incorporated into your finished product. Starting Friday night at 6 o’clock we were given the character of a delivery person who has at least one speaking line, it must contain five continuous seconds of a spoon, and include the line “we need a bigger blank” The best part about this was we assembled a team of strangers who literally we’re meeting for the first time at 5:30. Literally half an hour before the competition started!

How did it go? Amazing!! We bantered about a bunch of ideas mostly involving Jesus and eventually settled upon our final concept which Sean gracefully scripted out using Celtx. I blocked it in my mind while creating some awesome animated gifs that we actually put on a cell phone to act as a practical effect. I could have filmed a blank phone and then just fixed it and post but all of that tracking and rendering would take time so it was just easier to make it a practical effect within. And then I went to sleep for a couple of hours. I woke up early and wrote out our shot list for the day trying to keep it as simple as possible but it still ended up being over 53 separate shots in five locations in and around our studio. People started arriving from around 8:30 & some got started with makeup, others help dress the set well others worked on wardrobe conspiracy signs and tin foil colander hats.

We wrote the script around the set we had so dressing it was minimal. We made our characters fit the space and props that we had available to us. It was an extremely ambitious day. I would consider it extremely ambitious even if we could’ve shot well into the night but our main actress Anna had to leave by 6pm and some of our other actors had to leave by 4ish so that gave us 8 to 10 hours to film all 50 some seems.

I have to be honest with you, I didn’t think we were going to do it. but we did and it was an amazing feeling. we were wrapped by 630-7 o’clock to which we sat down and watched the dailies while drinking beer. That night I copied our 500+ gigs of footage and audio to my computer backed it up and began logging all the footage matching our audio from our external recorder. Crashing out at about 1 am & fitfully sleeping till i got up at about 5ish. After making more coffee I’ve began to edit. I had the rough edit done by 10:30am and then could go about the tweaking and the couple special effects that we had. I Also needed to film a couple more inserts of the phone. We had until 6 o’clock Sunday evening to submit our film over the Internet. meaning I wanted it to be rendered up by six so we could begin the upload with the extra time to spare.

That sort of happened it was more like rendered by 5:30 and uploaded with 10 minutes to spare but we got it up and submitted!!! One of the things I wish I had more time to do was properly colour correct the film we shot it raw with the Black Magic 2.5K to give us options in post and so I could utilize the high dynamic range and get away with left lighting. The final product that you will see Will I have utilized this very well while what was submitted was really a gross hack job because of time! In addition to lighting rentals we rented the DGI Ronan again and I’m very glad that we did we were able to cut the 50 some scenes down to 40 some by combining back and forth into a single fluid moving shot. This saves us an unbelievable amount of time even if I am still sore a week later. Everything else was care that we already had the Black Magic 2.5k Rode microphone Tascam audio recorder a dead wombat dollies jibs and tripods I cannot thank everybody enough especially people like Sarah who out of the goodness of her heart gave us all of our lighting rentals for free just cause she is awesome she in fact is in my phone as Sarah is awesome. One thing to remember is with all of your rentals make sure you keep track of all of their parts and pieces. Only the bare essentials of what was required for the Ronan came out of its box so nothing could get lost. We pulled one screw one in Allen key one base plate the Ronan add it set up stand leaving chargers and extra batteries in its case until they were needed. I also recommend that you do this with any other rentals. And I also recommend that you do a periodic check to make sure you have everything you were supposed to have. As it was we lost hey bag of scrims for the Ary 300 W to which I feel absolutely horrible about. This was a favour from Sarah and I kind of Effed it up. So keep track of all of your things. And equipment checklist is always a great idea I am extremely happy with what we produced in such little time. Last night we invited cast and crew over and had a viewing party it was amazing to see their reactions and to see how stoked they were about the project we are calling Unit One.

If you would like to see it join us at the Rio Theatre on August 8 at 9 PM links below to see ours and all of the entries that made it in this 48 hour film competition. I think it will be one heckuva night and tickets are only $10 Psst you should buy them in advance for I’ve heard that it will probably sell out! What next! We will continue to be doing auditions for our other projects which has been lovingly named “art film” it’s a working title. And perhaps next week we will finished the last scene from writers block and get that up and out for you all to see. And last night after our viewing party we brainstorm a couple of great ideas that we should be able to work out into a script very soon. It is all super super super super super super super exciting I can’t wait to share unit one. Which I will Post Live on the Internet as soon as the Gala screening is completed so if you can’t make it out to the real Theatre Watch our Facebook and twitter feeds for that. Also are you interested in joining in on all of our fun? If so click here click here click here we are always looking for more people who are interested and what we’re doing. Want to just follow along and keep up-to-date with us and our awesome click here to!!!