One Million Dollars!!!

Today I feel like a million bucks. I was feeling under the weather (i wonder about that term) the last couple days so I wasn’t really up to doing much of anything. I am sitting here having a coffee and finishing my Red River Porridge (man I love that shit) Listening to the International Noise Conspiracy all of which in my underwear. (Because my pants are in the dryer) I am going to fill today with all the things that I should have done the last couple of days :) Like I am going to go and get new shoes and such. But with that I think that my Pants may be dry and I can get at it.

One Reply to “One Million Dollars!!!”

  1. Hey man,

    Have you got an FTP server? I picked up this (I)NC Cd with a live concert they did in Berlin last year. It rips! I can u/l it to you if you have the ‘l33t s0phtw@re to let me do so. It’s a CD that was professionally recorded & released (not a crappy walkman bootleg), but only released in Germany. I had to order it to my friend’s place in Munich and pick it up when I went over there.

    Glad to see you’re posting again, now I feel obliged to do the same ;o)

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