This is a shot for this weeks Photo Friday. It is also one that I have been looking for quite some time now. I am still not sure if this is quite it for there is some element in this picture that I don’t quite enjoy. But it is an attempt none the less!

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel 2000
Lens: Canon 70-300
Film: Ilford FP4+ @200
Date: June 12 2003

2 thoughts on “One Lone Tree – Photo Friday

  1. this one kind of reminds me of the tree from “The Ring”. i think the tree would look more lonely if there wasn’t a forest in the background (not bashing the picture, just commenting)

  2. He he it is not bashing in the least :) When I said that there was some elements in the picture that I didn’t quite enjoy, that was it. I wish the trees weren’t there :)
    Thanks for you comment though Much appreciated

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