After a hearty breakfast at the Wolf & Hound on Broadway (we went there for the full Irish breakfast and while the food was merely OK the service was horrible!! While it might be a great place to go for a pint, the breakfast situation was large buckets of pure awful) Coaxial & I went out for an old school photo wander.  I took the camera that started out our old school collection The 360 Polaroid Land Camera (M bought this way back when we lived in E-town) as well as the other old school camera staples like the Seagull and the Meg. The film isn’t developed yet but here are a couple of the Polaroid shots.

I am sorta excited to see some experiments in double exposure that we did.  Basically I shot 36 exposures on a roll of regular colour film. After rewinding, I unloaded and reloaded the same roll of film, handed it to J, and said shoot 36 photos! We will see what happens with that! I also shot a roll to cross process.   All this is me getting ready to set up my darkroom again so I can play away during the winter months in a small poorly ventilated room with random chemicals.  I am also excited because with the addition of the new home and the second laundry room I should be able to make my darkroom only a darkroom! As opposed to the darkroom/storage/laundry/hide things quickly because there are clients coming over room that it currently is.  This year I am going to try and add a sink to it (which should be quite easy actually because there are already water and drainage in the room for the washing machine) and better, more stable counters so I am not constantly on the verge of an epic chemical spill. I wish there was a way that I could take the washer and dryer out of there completely but I don’t really have anywhere to put them :) Also on the darkroom front, Tracey the dear that she is, has graciously donated a whole whack of random colour paper and a bulk film loader to us.

The paper is exciting.  I know nothing about it other than it is colour paper and no one knows how it has been stored, but I will do some research on it when i find time. It should give us some really unpredictable craziness!

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