And God wants to kill himself it would seem. Again with the 40 hours of random music it played 7 songs in a row that were all by bands and/or members of bands that have killed themselves. It was a set that started with Elliot Smith’s – Needle in the hay, followed by Nirvana’s – Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam. These two I knew about, but the next one on the list I had to consult Google about. It was Nick Drake’s Pink Moon apparently Nick Drake took to many pills and died. This was followed by Joy Division’s Colony, and well I only knew that there was an untimely death in that band because of D. talking about this movie. The very next song was the big lizard one from the Dead Milkmen and well Dave Blood killed him self there. Then this is where it gets random! Roy Buchanan came up next doing a cover of Hey Joe. I have one album of Roy Buchanan and I don’t even recall listening to it before but Google informs me that he kicked it via hanging while in jail for public drunkenness. Then Pennywise doing a cover of Brown eyed girl came next, While the band is still rockin out Wikipedia tells me that their original bassist Jason Thirsk Killed himself in 96, then the last one was Joy Drop – I Sometimes Wanna Die while the was no one in this band that has killed themselves the song title makes it get lumped into this list as well as the song was banned from Radio and TV after September 11th because of fears that it would make the nation to depressed to continue living. ODD!!! Perhaps there are random musical coincidences in my winamp all the time and I have never noticed! Well God, Winamp, go away!

2 thoughts on “Ok I Am Convinced That God Is Talking To Me Though Winamp!

  1. I don’t know what it is about bands but there seems to be heaps of untimely deaths in the music world. It’s a good thing we haven’t formed a band.

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