Yup on days like today I tend to get stuck inside. It’s funny cause on sunny days I want nothing more than to hang about the house and putter on stuff. Then on rainy pissy days I am left with the most overwhelming desire to go for epic photo walks and such! Grass is always greener I guess. I tend to feel real guilty about the wasted sunny days though, like yesterday for example I was under a self imposed house arrest and it was sunny, and today?!? Well today I am working on work stuff but in-between the work stuff I am drinking coffee galore (cept I am now out of beans) and working on the big surprise! Unlike most people I am actually really good at keeping secrets (this however doesn’t mean that I want to keep any, just that I am good at it) So I will allude to the secret often but I won’t reveal it till I am actually ready! Ask all you want but it is not going to work! :)