So today we are off to Ukrainian Christmas at Miranda’s Baba & Dido’s. But ya I have all this stuff that I need to do and I have no idea when it is going to get done. I am as I am writing this going through Photos from Boxing Day and before in an effort to get caught up. It isn’t easy. I think back to last year at this time I was able to finish the days photos in an hour or less. But I think my good photo vs. bad photo ratio is getting better so I have more pictures that are potentially good to go though and the files are larger and more complicated then they used to be. However, I think that I will prevail.

Here is another shot from Boxing Day at New City. It is of the crowd that was dancing to Old Reliable

One of a member of Old Reliable

The George Bushes From the smaller more intimate cave upstairs.
(i listen to far to much CJSR)