Blogging via an iPhone because the laptop is already packed. I should get used to blogging this way for the next few days anyway as Internet may be scarce.
So we are off to Tofino today. When I say we I mean a couple of carloads of we. D A J&S K&E M&I are going to be piling into two cars and firing off to the rain soaked west coast to stay in a cramped no bedroom (just many beds/air mattresses) cabin on the ocean. Should be Tonnes O fun. So much fun that I couldn’t sleep this morning so I got up at an impossibly ridiculous hour (Darren was already up for a 1/2 hour according to Twitter.) and packed the truck. :). I keep forgetting that this is actually a work trip. We are shooting a wedding tomorrow. Should be fun and wet :)

I have packed a small recording studio and a bunch of guitars and banjos etc. D is bringing a large bag of percussion and My Friend Lisa is planning on recording some awesome.

anyway one more bag to pack and we are off.