Off to Caibarien

only not on scooters as planned and this is most likely for the best! The rental place only had two working scooters out of seven that are parked outside, and when he tried to fire them up only one of the two actually worked and I do use “worked” in the loosest terms. I am nearly sure that they would have died somewhere along the 50km causeway leaving us stranded, so I think that another car rental is in order. :)

We are up to all this today because the wedding has been moved to Friday and our Trash Session is now going to be at sunrise at Saturday morning before we leave a little tight scheduling wise but should be no problem if planned correctly.  I am going to pack up as much as possible tonight so I am not rushing at it later. We will also dual shoot the session and then if I don’t have the time to properly back it up I can split these between josh and I.  

It is hot out today I tell ya! I nearly died at breakfast from the heat! It was brutal hot all night even (we were out on the beach having flash wars in which I am sure I won) so today shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  I will be glad for the air-conditioning in the jeep.

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