I am just getting ready to fire on down to the wedding today. I have just had an odd nap and could deal with a spot more napping. It was an odd Nap because as near as I can determine my very vivid dreams were in Spanish. Yup and I have absolutely no idea what it was all about. I am sure they are the result of watching random Spanish TV simply because it is absurd enough to keep me entertained with no understanding of the language. My second bride has changed her day around a little bit which is really good because now it allows for all the shoots that we had planned to get done. It would seem as it stands right now that I do not have a flight home. The signature vacations guys are checking for availability on the flight that I came on, but I am not so hopeful. I am going to go shoot the civil part of the wedding (signing of the papers etc) & I am going to check my email for a M update! I have to say all our friends kick ass! They all totally stepped up to help M even though I am not there. Rides, email updates, finding wheelchairs and crutches, you all really rock!!! You are the kindest people I know, despite the fact that I am generally a jerk! YOU ALL ROCK!!