So I found out yesterday that AA batteries and loose pocket change are a bad combo. So picture this… I am at our wedding (which was wicked wild BTW Check the BOP blog for photos) and I am at the front on the packed church kneeling down for a photo just moments before the bride is to traverse down the isle. As I am kneeling and lining up my shot I start to feel some warmth in my right pants pocket, that warmth turns rapidly to heat, the heat becomes an awful burning complete with singed pocket lint smell, WTF! I suddenly feel like I am on fire!!! Being that I am at the front of the church I refrain from running around in circles beating my leg in pain, instead I calmly get up and walk to the side, pull out the now melted batteries and change from my pocket and quietly and calmly play a subdued game of hot potato while separating the glowing 85¢ from the melted batteries and getting them into separate pockets. It was crazy! I have never had that happen before and I almost always have at least one set of AA batteries in my pocket. (Seriously I am almost guaranteed to have that or an empty compact flash card in my pocket any day.) The redness has subsided today although my thigh is a little tender.

1 thought on “Nothing like setting you pants on fire!

  1. I would so dub you “Firecrotch” if that name hadn’t already been taken.

    Hilarious. Sounds like something that would happen to me! :)

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