So here I am on top of what is know as unnecessary mountain. We are ten min from the base of the Lions. I have an epic view in all directions and there was even some fireworks a while ago. I am not sure what they were for but cool none the less. I expect that It will get quite cold tonight not that I am worried. :). I am totally wiped from the last few days of action. Mostly because our office has been moved around and I have slept about two hours a night for the last two weeks. Not to mention that I did just climb a mountain :) so sleep for me.


2 thoughts on “Nothing cooler then blogging from a tent on the top of a mountian

  1. It would be cooler if you were blogging from say, a hammock pinioned into the side of a cliff.

    Still though, it’s pretty damn cool. Watch out for the Abominable Snowman.

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